Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review & Giveaway of Cozy Critters - Scented Wax Tarts

I have been looking for affordable and preferably handmade wax tarts for my wax warmer. Not only do these wax tarts have to be affordable, long lasting and smell nice but they also have to not bother my allergies. So I posted in a few of the handmade groups I am in, saying that I am looking for wax tarts to purchase and try. Here is my first review for wax tarts.
Cozy Critters Shop

I received this delightful smelling sampler of wax tarts quickly from Rosie of Cozy Critters. I opened the package finding five lovely boxes each containing cute and colorful shaped wax tarts. As I checked out each scent Birds Of Paradise, Spring Hyacinth, Berry Bliss, Orange Creme and Flower Power I knew which ones I wanted to try first. I started with the Orange creme, it smelled delicious! I left it on for 6 hours and the scent was still going strong! The next day I turned the warmer back on and still the scent was lasting for hours. Each scent lasted for this long, some where around 7-9 hours before they faded enough to replace!

Orange Creme- Smells just like the name suggest and had me craving orange creamsicle. The orange and vanilla notes are lovely, warm  and uplifting and was one of my favorites from the sampler.

Birds of Paradise- Like the flowers these wax tarts have an amazing scent which has a floral aroma with wonderful fruity base notes this was also one of my favorites from the sampler.

Spring Hyacinth- Reminds me of late evening spring with its strong floral scent. I found this one slightly over whelming but my daughters loved it and it did not bother my allergies.

Berry Bliss- Was a crowd pleaser in my house everyone that walked through the door commented on this yummy slightly sweet berry blend. It reminds me of mixed berry tarts baking.

Flower Power- These tarts are a happy blend of deep floral tones with a slight sweetness. Not over whelming at all, this was my oldest daughter's favorite.

I strongly recommend Cozy Critters For wax tarts and candles. Rosie makes them by hand, they are affordable at $2 for 2 ounces the scents are great and long lasting. They come in a variety of scents, colors and shapes making them aesthetically pleasing as well as great value. If you do not see the wax tart scent you are looking in her shop just contact Rosie and she will be happy to help you out. Not only does Rosie make candles and wax tarts but she also makes cute pet pouches. That keep critters cozy.

 How would you like a chance to win your own sampler of these wonderful wax tarts? Check out the giveaway below and take advantage of all the extra entries!

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Courtney Tucker said...
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Courtney Tucker said...

Right now, I am loving the scent of Sweet Cherry Milk, its so good! Usually I would pick something with a Blueberry scent!

Gina Toothe said...

i like orange and vanilla scents, but like many others as well ;)

Jaclyn Holroyd said...

I like the birds of paridise scent!

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