Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Slowly but surely.

My down stairs studio is is coming along. Half the work bench is painted, most of my  stuff has been moved down and I think I have most go my storage ideas complete. There is a lot to go still but it feels good to be putting together my own space. Being able to keep my stuff out and accessible will be great. It is tiresome having to pull out everything to start a project. Then having to pack it all back up to put in the closet until I have time to do it all overt again. Now once I'm all set up I will be able to just go into the studio work on see at my machine or cut jump rings or what ever with no problem. I am very excited to get it finished.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Soap Notes -Humidity- Why Is My Soap Sweating?

We have had nearly a week of rain here. The humidity has slowed down my soap from curing. That happens. But I noticed that my super fatted soap(super fat soap-cold process soap with extra moisturizing ingredient added after the lye. making the soap extra moisturizing) was sweating in the humidity. At first I thought something was wrong but digging into a few books I found out these batches are high quality. Why? Well cold process soap naturally has glycerin in it. Glycerin pulls moisture
from the air, that is part of the reason it is so good for our skin.

What does this means for soap? When you make a batch of super fat soap with added glycerine the soap will draw moisture from the air causing it to sweat when it is humid out. By its self it is harmless and will dry on its own when the air is drier. But what if the humidity last like it did here? If it stays moist for to long it could make the extra oils in the soap go rancid.

What to do about it? Keep your soap stored in the driest place possible. You can use hear lights or another safe hear source to dry the moisture quicker. Remember that to high of a temperature can melt your soap.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gothic Poets Series

I have started a jewelry & craft series Called "Gothic Poets". I will be working on this series over this year. It will feature 
resin jewelry settings, decoupage and hand stamped pieces. Here 
are a few samples that I have complete already. They are 
available for purchase in my shop. Click the link above each 
picture to go to the listing in my shop.

Edgar Allen Poe Adjustable Ring

Treasured Treasury

'I want it! I want it!' by KindredImages

Some fun items on my with list for the Etsy Maineteam members. If you would like to see more great products from the talented Maine Team members just search maineteam.

Iridescent Black Art Bowl

Color Pencil Drawing - Blue...

Red and Orange Swirl Ukraini...

3 Anatomic Quilling Posters ...

Little Monster Felted Soap

Plum Night Light with Metall...

Wooden Hand crafted Fir Burl...

Starfish Copper Bookmark Sag...

DREAM FETCHER Lavender Sage ...

Home Sweet Home Filet Croche...

Hummingbird ornament, cerami...

Keep Calm and Have a Cuppa i...

Notecard - Tabby cat hiding ...

Crochet Dishcloths, Washclot...

Unique Satin Heart Basket, C...

Large Crochet Beach Bag, Mar...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday's Maddness

My blogging has been spotty at best lately. I need to keep things moving but I am never sure where to start. I think part of my problem is I am not sure what kind of direction I want to take with this blog. After a few years of keeping this blog you would think I would have some clue as to my blogging goals. But the beauty of being me is I tend to wonder and I am eager to do new things and master new skills. This can make it hard to follow a dependable schedule. I will be taking some time to work on my blog and find the right direction for it and wake it up from it's vacation.

What's new with me....

I nearly have my basement ready to really start turning it in to my studio. I will be painting most of it over this week and there is a few big things I will need the hubby to help me move. But it is coming together. It is taking for what seems like forever but that is only because I only want to set it up once. I am trying my hardest to make sure I put everything together the way I want it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's cooking?

Well really what's baking? Here are some new polymer clay creations I just finished. I am in a aquatic mood today maybe it is because of the rain. I'm not sure butt I am very happy with the results.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Love Spring

My little flower bed is springing to life! I can't wait for the first of my roses to bloom. I just picked up these beautiful dark purple almost black violets. Pictures below my front flower bed and my new violets.

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