Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sharing a few things

I will be doing my first craft fair/show this April. I am already so very excited and the application and check for my spot has not even been mailed out yet, lol. I will be writing more about soon, I am sure. But on to other things for now. Here is a  new piece in my shops.
The Gears of Love

I love wire wrapping and love finding wire wrapped pieces that impress me. Here is a piece I found in a shop on Artfire called Out On A Whim. It is beautifully done with Vintaj antique bronze wire into a tree around a lovely wooden bead. There are many wonderful items in this shop.

Unique Vintaj Brass Wire Tree of Life Pendant

Here is a collection I made up the other day on Artfire

Friday, January 28, 2011

Paying it Forward

I am sure many of you have seen the  movie Pay It Forward, where a kid comes up with the simple but most inspiring idea of doing good and asking in return for the favor to be paid forward to someone else instead. While the idea is not a new one it is a good one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone was willing to lend a hand, a dollar, a kind word or even just take the time to listen out of the kindness of their hearts. Knowing they will get nothing in return other then the knowledge that they aided someone in some way. To show understanding and compassion not only to a friend or family member but also to a complete stranger. Many people do behave this way, but not nearly enough. Now here is my art connection to this there are a number of shops on Esty and Artfire that offer Pay It Forward items, where they change only the listing fee or material cost… and sometimes completely free. There may or may not be shipping fees most offer free shipping if shipped with other items from their shop. I think that this is a great idea and have made up a few item to post in my shop as PIF listings.

Here are a few links to place where artisans are doing good.
Jewelry for a Cause
Artist For Charity

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have to admit it has been a while since I have gone out with my camera. Life with 3 young active girls gives me more then enough opportunities for shooting but offers very little time to capture anything other then them. But the other morning I step out my door at 6 in the morning to walk my dog and heard a sound I love to hear, a murder of crows all cawing while doing their early morning business. Crows and ravens are my favorite birds I have taken tons of photographs of crows. The want to photograph them was strong and I did grab my camera. There just was not enough light yet. I wish they would have hung around another half hour because I know I could have gotten some great shots. It has made me realize that I do not bring my camera out with me much anymore. Not so long ago I always had it with me. I will get back in the habit of bringing it every where again. But until I have some new shots to show off I will share a few of my favorite crows
From my photography-Both these are available as prints and postcards.


From Other photographers and artisans. A crow and raven themed collection I made a while ago.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heavy Metal

My favorite metal to work with is copper. I love it’s color, it’s workability and it versatility…. Not to mention it’s very inexpensive, which allows me to create affordable pieces of jewelry. Silver is great and will always has it place in my designs, but copper will always be my favorite metal to work with.  Here are a few creations from me made with copper.
                 Dragonfly Pendent Children's Necklace            Garnet Chaos Bracelet

                     Celtic Knot Earrings                 Falling Heart Earrings

A few announcements- I am currently having a 40% off sale on all jewelry in my shops just use coupon code VALENTINESALE at check out time.

The Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers Guild which I am a member of has a list of members shops that are also having sales for Valentines day. Follow this link to find some great deals on Jewelry. Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers Valentine Promos

Like me on Facebook, when I get it 100 “likes” I will be having a give away. Anyone following my blog and on Facebook will be entered 2 times! The give away will include 1 5x7 print of your choice and a pair of  Celtic Knot Earrings!

Since I have copper in my mind today I would like to share a few pieces I found from Daly Craft Works. It is wonderfully made and very original and copper! She has some other wonderful and bold designs in her shop too.              
                        Copper Fibula                    Steampunk copper necklace pendent

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Inspiration is an odd thing, at least it is for me. I can be inspired by nature just as much as I can by a walk through a hardware store. My head is in a constant frenzy of what can I do with this and what couldn’t I do with that. I started making altered books and altered art about 5 years ago and have always been looking for new ways to add it in to my jewelry designs. I am sure that this is part of what has sparked my latest passionate explosion for hardware, industrial, steampunk and other less traditional creative jewelry pieces. With steampunk it allows me to play around with unique materials, alter materials and stay with a romantic/fantasy and Victorian style perfect for my taste. But my moods shift quickly sometimes and something new will inspire me more strongly, but steampunk, industrial and hardware will always pop back up.
What inspires you? I would love to know.

Fantastic fibers, fabrics and threads!(some of my favorite finds from artisans that work with these materials)
Now here is a wonderful shop full of items made mostly from second hand clothes. Ton of fun and beautiful repurposed and upcycled products. Hand-Me-Down Designs
Here is one of her current items that I love. I love the color and design. What a great way to keep your cell safe.
 Green Corduroy Cell Phone Case w/ wrist strap

Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally my first post

My first Kindred Images and Creation Blog post! I think when I get some followers I will do a give away of some kind. I am about to start a clean up of my online shops(Esty, and Artfire).  So things will be getting busy and a bit chaotic… so why start my art/business blog now? Why not, no better time like the present. So WELCOME to my blog, my world my passions.
      What’s been going on for Kindred Images and Creation? What am I/we all about? Well…. I am a self taught, and hand-me-down knowledge taught crafter and photographer. The love of my life is a talented woodworker making everything from wooden boats to bass/guitars. You can find some of his work in my shops(doll houses, custom basses and guitars), but this blog is about my happenings and my creations.
      I design jewelry in many genres, with any materials I like. I love to work with copper, pearls and unique materials that are not normally in jewelry. With is why steampunk jewelry has been my latest obsession. I have dozens of designs on paper and hundreds in my head just waiting for me to have time for them. Finding the materials that fit each design is the problem….. And it has to be just right or I just can’t do it. So here is my first steampunk pieces I will be adding to my shops.

Mondays jewelry co-conspirator (other jewelry creators that rock)
I love this shop! Their Jewelry has a natural and elemental feel that just makes me happy to see it. Wonderfully unique, I am inspired by this shops work. One of my favorite pair of earrings from this shop

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