Friday, August 31, 2012

Review- Grace Notes Gifts MULLED CIDER Soy Wax Tarts

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From the products listing at Grace Note Gifts-"Mulled Cider: Enjoy a spicy bouquet of apple & clove with topnotes of cinnamon and orange. A warm, musky finish completes this favorite fall scent! No dye added. Favorite Fact: Every Christmas Eve my grandmother makes a big pot of wassail...this reminds me of that scent, and is perfect for fall afternoons and winter evenings! It's  one of my personal favorites!"

My personal thoughts on Grace Note Gifts- Grace the owner is a wonderful seller to work with and she has some wonderful items in her shop! I recently purchased  her fall scented soy wax tarts called Mulled Cider. It quickly became my favorite scent that I have ever used in my wax warmer. The scent takes you right a fall day. On a nice cool crisp autumn day with the wind blowing around a rainbow of leaves coming into a nice warm house with this scent on to welcome you will be a nice treat! The whole family loves this scent. Best of all it did not bother my allergies. I look forward to trying more of her wonderful scents. Key Lime Pie & Pumpkin Souffle are the next two I am going to try. Grace notes also has other gift items in her shop like jewelry and stationary.

Thing I like about this product- I absolutely love that they do not have color added to them. I really do not like things added to products that do not need to be there. In the listing Grace writes that they last 8-12 hrs but I find they last near 15 hrs in my warmer before I need to start with a new wax tart. 

Over all review of service and product- The wax tarts are very reasonably priced . Grace shipped my order quickly. The product was well packaged and her shipping rates are very fair. Her description of the scent was right on and true. The scent lasted longer then expectations. I strongly recommend Grace Notes Gifts Soy Wax Tarts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Product Spotlight- Comfrey and Tea Tree Salve

Comfrey & Tea Tree Salve
I combine these two traditional healers with extra virgin olive oil and unrefined  bee's wax, and vitamin E to make this simple and effective salve. Click the size to visit it's listing in my Etsy shop, contact me for sizes that do not have a link. Available in 1/2 oz tin for $4.50, 1 oz tins for $8.00, and  2 oz tins for $15.00. Larger sizes available upon request.
 Why is it in here?
  • Comfrey- is a wonderful plant known for its healing abilities. It has been traditionally used in salve form for Bruises, Wounds, Sprains and Strains.
  • Tea tree oil- is a powerful natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal essential oil. It is used as a very effective first aid remedy and against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and and more.
  • Olive oil- is a wonderful moisturizer.
  • Bees wax- thickening agent and allows the skin to breath
  • Vitamin E-  is high in antioxidants that helps protects and repairs your skin.
Tea tree oil- is a powerful natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal essential oil. It is used as a very effective first aid remedy and against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and and more.
Olive oil- is a wonderful moisturizer.
Bees wax- thickening agent and allows the skin to breath
Vitamin E-  is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your sk~Please read list of ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to some contents of this product~
A complete list of what's inside- comfrey infused olive oil, bee's wax, vitamin E, tea tree essential oil
Customer Feedback
Wonderful soothing healing product - thank you for creating it"
                                                                                           - Kate Siddall

Wordless Wednesday- Summertime Visitor

Monday, August 27, 2012

All Mixed Up Shop team Summer Bash Sale

My Etsy Team the All Mixed Up Shop team is having a big sale You can get 15% off anything in my shop plus tones of great deals from all the members below!

What better way to end the summer then with a big sale. Come check out the great finds From the All Mixed Up Shop team. All Shops are using AMUSteam as their coupon codes unless otherwise noted below! you can use these coupon codes at check out time for each shop. Sale ends Friday August 31st.

 Below is the list of participating shops, what there sale % off is or free shipping and a few samples of what they offer in their shops. Go ahead and enjoy the sale! Click the shop name to visit the shop.

Kindred Images and Creations %15 off 
All Natural Bath & Body Products, Jewelry, Trinket boxes and more
Hand made Chainmaille & Jewelry
Handcrafted All Natural body products


Hi Everyone,
Apparently I have used the code AMUSteam before and Etsy will not let me reuse it. So that code will not work for my shop, but here are some other codes
FREESHIP for Free domestic shipping on all items
JEWELRY for Free domestic shipping and 20% off all jewelry items 

 Silk Screen scarves & clothing
Handmade Unique Jewelry

Rosie's Cozy Critters 15% off

Candles, tarts, pet shampoo, dog treats, pet cuddle bags and more.
Hand Poured Wax melts and candles
Pet treats & beds

JS Designs Studio

Children and Infant clothing and accessories, some women items as well!
15% off
Infants & Children 

SoapBubble Jewelry

FREE shipping
Candles, Tarts, Jewelry, Accessories
Handmade Jewelry
Candles & Wax Melts


15% discount coupon code AMUSteam
I offer a wide variety of collectables, jewelry, and vintage items!
Paper flowers
Handmade Jewelry

Autumn Moon Soap Co. & Beach Bum Crochet

15% off
Natural Bar Soaps, Laundry Soap, Crocheted Creations
Crocheted Items
Handcrafted Soaps

Pacifica Creations

15% off
t-shirts & onesies not already on sale(reduced)
Handmade jewelry
Clothing and hand dyed Fabrics

Della Creations

15% off
Christmas Ornaments, Personalized Ornaments & Gifts, Keychains, Desk Signs, Halloween Decor, and more!
Scrabble Tile magnets & ornaments
Holiday & Home Decor

Chanelled Creations 15% OFF

Original heart centered Art, prints, and Intuitive Readings 
Lots of fun stationery, home decor items, original paintings, ACEO's and Intuitive Oracle card readings available! Fun for all the family :)
Artwork, cards, stationary

VintagePlusCrafts 15% Off

Vintage Goodies And Handmade Crafts - Embroidery, Jewelry, Home Decor, Supplies, Something for everyone!
Hand embroidery 
Vintage Items

Coleraine Creations 

15% off all items.
Vinyl Record album Bowls
Upcycled Earrings


15% off all items
Goddess Dolls
Collages & other artwork


20% off all items.

Cottonwood Creek Trading Post

We will be using the AMUSteam 15% code for our shop.
Vintage finds
Handmade Jewelry


LOVE IT! Thanks for including Silky's Scents!! 
Use coupon code WASP1331 for FREE SHIPPING!! WOOT WOOT!!
Hand dipped Incense 

Hand poured Wax Tarts
cartooniecat doodles
15% off on all paper goodies in my shop
Clay figures
Handmade dolls


Italian designs for stunning Vintage inspired looks.

Vintage Finds
Handmade Jewelry
JudysWoodnMore 15% off
Jewelry,Wood Items and Stained Glass

Fun Wooden treasures

Stained Glass


Thoughts That Count

15% off AMUsteam
Cute Tutus
Jerseys & Tee Shirts

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In the works

Getting ready to pour a big batch of bottle cap magnets. If anyone is looking for sets for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas place orders soon. All my bottle cap magnets are made only by upcycling/recycling bottle caps, so quantities are limited.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Product Spotlight- All Natural Ylang Ylang & Vitamin E Mother/Goddess Cold Process Soap

All Natural Ylang Ylang & Vitamin E Mother/Goddess 1 Bar Cold Process Soap

Each bar is around 3.5 oz  

Ylang Ylang -has a fresh, floral, sweet, slightly fruity, fragrance yet delicate. It's scent in aromatherapy is thought to lift spirits and help relieve depression and stress. On the body Ylang Ylang is believed to help relieve eczema and has known anti-septic qualities. So both the scent and oil qualities are good for you.
Vitamin E- this vitamin offers numerous benefits for skin. It if full of antioxidants that are known to help the skin look younger and healthier.
I make all my soaps, lotions and body products are made in small batches using top qualities natural oils, herbs and essential oils. There is never any artificial colorants, fragrances or ingredients in any of my products.
The complete list of whats inside- palm oil, soy oil, olive oil, coconut oil, ylang ylang essential oil, vitamin E

This soap is vegan friendly.

This is cold process soap and because the natural nature of these products color and constancy can very slightly from batch to batch and from bar to bar
Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease.

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