Monday, September 19, 2011

What's new in my shop

I have been making plenty of new creations Jewelry, soaps, salves, lotions. I have even pulled out the sewing machine but I had to have my shop all updated before I could dedicate myself to making new listings. Now that everything other then product photos are done I will be starting to add a lot of new stuff for the the coming holiday season. So be on the look out for bead ornaments, lotion sets, jewelry pieces and many other creations from my shop. Today I would like to share a treasury I put together that has all on my current lotion and potion product in it. I made it to post on my website and thought I should share it here as well. The second is the most resent treasury I put together to help promote other shops on Etsy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Been Featured...

Here are 3 Treasury's I have been featured in lately. There are so many talented artist and artisan in them I am proud to be included among them. The themes are fun so take a look and show there shops a little love!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A few basics on listing product that I have learned the hard way!

I am in the process of re-doing old listing in my online shops. It is a lot of work correcting the mistakes of listing I did and have not updated since first starting to sell online over 3 years ago. Most of them I need to just start over from scratch. So I see a lot of product photos, and description writing in my future! lol. 

My current out look about product photos
As I look over my inventory to see if I have listed them I find the same few errors in the ones I started out with. The jewelry pieces are nice... why haven't they sold? Well part of the reason might be photo that aren't neat and clean looking. Even my worst photos are at least visually clear(no blurry photo from this shutter bug!) but I went from nature photography to small indoor product photos.... and had no clue of how different it would be. Over the years I have found a solid color back ground normally black or white works best to show off your product. I normally do not opt for using props other then maybe a jewelry stand or something that helps give the product life or shows some thing about the product.. but always keep it simple as to not distract customers from your product. Plus if your photos look to busy they might just pass it by. I started of by just putting material down as my back ground and snapping away with or without my tripod. Now I have a light box that I made( I should make a tutorial for it one of these days!) I always use my tripod and I have found paper makes the best back ground for me. I put a lot of thought into the placement of the product in each photos to make sure the potential customer can see it from every angle. I try to show details in close to show, texture, color, pattern, and design. At least one shot from a distance(not to far but enough to see it as a whole or in use). It does not have to be expensive a point and shoot camera will work fine, a small table top tripod is only about $10-15 and the DIY light box cost me under $5 to make. Get to know your photo editing software and your cameras setting. That about the short of it.

What does your product description say about you and your product?
This is an example of a listing I am editing right now

3 strand braclet. Rectangle tube gem stone beads,. black stone, chinh hai jade and black & green serpentine Copper bar slide clasp.

Wow how creative and discriptive was that?(note my sarcasm!) If my awful photos didn't deter them away then my utter lack of enthusiasm and details surely did, not to mention poor grammar and punctuation! No wonder this bracelet hasn't sold. I did not even have the size listed. Now the updated description...

Earthy rectangle tube serpentine, chinh hai jade and black stone make this 3 strand bracelet  the building block of a great ensemble. Adding to the natural earthy feel of this bracelet is the tiny copper leaf connectors holding it to the copper sliding bar clasp. Bracelet measures 8 inches long.

Things I have learned since I started. Give all the basic details in the beginning. If there is a story or some inspiration behind making it, add it in but after the basics. A lot people that buy hand made love to hear the who, what and hows of the piece they might buy but if they do not want to all that, the basics they need to know are right out in front. Always give the the size and dimensions, if they do not know if it with fit they will not buy it! Some might ask but chances are you just lost a sale. Give details of anything that touches the skin or can cause allergies(this comes from a personal experience I am allergic to many things so if I am unsure I do not buy it). Let costumers know if you offer something special like if you wrap it or package it special(offer pictures of it packaged as well if you can). Use key word( you can find extensive word list online) that attract buyers a few are unique, One of a kind, special, organic, natural etc but do not over do it and make sure it truly applies to your product. Do not list it as one of a kind if you have more very similar pieces. Be creative and let your own personal style shine through after all that is one of the best parts of buying and selling handmade!  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Featured in

Here is a wonderful treasury one of my note cards has recently been featured in. Check out all the talented artist and artisans in it!

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