Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Feature- Rainwater Soaps

Today's feature is a great little shop named Rainwater Soaps. Her soap sounds so delicious!  She uses wonderful food themed for her scents like chocolate covered cherry, coffee and lime and mint. SO take a look and show her shop a little love! 

My Etsy shop:
Tully's French Roast Coffee Body Scrub
Twitter: @RainwaterSoaps
Website (under construction):

How did you name your business?
I have lived in Seattle my whole life, and we are known for 
our rain.  It just made sense to me.

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?
I have been making soaps since 2008 and selling them
Chocolate Covered Cherry Scented Soap 
 at local craft fairs.  I just had my Etsy grand opening on 3/1.

What inspires and influences your work?
I love to make scented soaps that smell edible.  If it 
doesn't smell like you'd want to eat it, I won't sell it.

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?
Etsy, and at many local craft fairs in the Seattle area.

What do you do when your not creating?
I spend time with my hubby and I watch more reality
Breakfast Themed Oatmeal & Orange Juice Body Scrub Bars
 television than is strictly healthy.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
My chocolate coconut soap is just divine.  I use it every day.

Why did you create this piece(s)?
I've been making it since the beginning.

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?
My focus on yummy scents, and my all natural recipes.

Additional info:
I also make jewelry (Etsy shop ElegantBlooms). 
 In fact, I teach jewelry making classes at Ben 
Franklin in Monroe, WA.  I have two classes scheduled
 for April.  If you're local, you should check them out!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blogs I love- Down To Earth Blog a blog about simple life

Down To Earth Blog a blog about simple life is wonderful blog with a wealth of information from making your own laundry detergent to tasty recipes. Every time I go to this blog I learn something new and find a new way to get closer to self reliance.  It is must follow for any one looking to simplify, become more self reliant or just looking to go more all natural!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review & Giveaway of Cozy Critters - Scented Wax Tarts

I have been looking for affordable and preferably handmade wax tarts for my wax warmer. Not only do these wax tarts have to be affordable, long lasting and smell nice but they also have to not bother my allergies. So I posted in a few of the handmade groups I am in, saying that I am looking for wax tarts to purchase and try. Here is my first review for wax tarts.
Cozy Critters Shop

I received this delightful smelling sampler of wax tarts quickly from Rosie of Cozy Critters. I opened the package finding five lovely boxes each containing cute and colorful shaped wax tarts. As I checked out each scent Birds Of Paradise, Spring Hyacinth, Berry Bliss, Orange Creme and Flower Power I knew which ones I wanted to try first. I started with the Orange creme, it smelled delicious! I left it on for 6 hours and the scent was still going strong! The next day I turned the warmer back on and still the scent was lasting for hours. Each scent lasted for this long, some where around 7-9 hours before they faded enough to replace!

Orange Creme- Smells just like the name suggest and had me craving orange creamsicle. The orange and vanilla notes are lovely, warm  and uplifting and was one of my favorites from the sampler.

Birds of Paradise- Like the flowers these wax tarts have an amazing scent which has a floral aroma with wonderful fruity base notes this was also one of my favorites from the sampler.

Spring Hyacinth- Reminds me of late evening spring with its strong floral scent. I found this one slightly over whelming but my daughters loved it and it did not bother my allergies.

Berry Bliss- Was a crowd pleaser in my house everyone that walked through the door commented on this yummy slightly sweet berry blend. It reminds me of mixed berry tarts baking.

Flower Power- These tarts are a happy blend of deep floral tones with a slight sweetness. Not over whelming at all, this was my oldest daughter's favorite.

I strongly recommend Cozy Critters For wax tarts and candles. Rosie makes them by hand, they are affordable at $2 for 2 ounces the scents are great and long lasting. They come in a variety of scents, colors and shapes making them aesthetically pleasing as well as great value. If you do not see the wax tart scent you are looking in her shop just contact Rosie and she will be happy to help you out. Not only does Rosie make candles and wax tarts but she also makes cute pet pouches. That keep critters cozy.

 How would you like a chance to win your own sampler of these wonderful wax tarts? Check out the giveaway below and take advantage of all the extra entries!

Product Spotlight- Violet & Blue Chamomile Eye Cream

Here is one of my person favorites available in my shop. I started making it because I need some thing to help delicate skin around my eyes when I noticed fine line starting. I was having a hard time finding a affordable all natural eye cream that I was happy with. This cream work great has a wonderful scent from the blue chamomile and do not let the color deter you from trying this wonderful cream it glides on transparent and a small amount goes a long way! It is available in 1/4 oz containers in my Etsy shop  or 1/2 oz containers by special request.

This is a smooth balm like cream very soothing and works wonders on tired puffy eyes, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to regenerate and brighten the delicate skin around your eyes. 
Violet oil is antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, it is circulation boosting, soothing, light and refreshing. Used as a skin-soother and complexion brightener. It is also useful for thread veins, open pores, acne, blackheads, eczema, spots and rashes, skin irritation, skin inflammation, headaches, dizziness, emotional turmoil, it clears the head and improves concentration. 
Blue chamomile has a high content of azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile, which bears a blue color. azulene has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.
Horsetail herb helps regeneration to strengthen skin tissue.

All the good for your skin ingredients in this eye cream are sweet almond oil, horsetail infused sesame oil, bee's wax, aloe vera oil, Violet absolute oil, blue chamomile essential oil and vitamin E.


* While chamomile it is safe for most people, be careful if you have allergies to the plant, asthma or If you're pregnant.

Chrissy-jo's all Natural Lotions and Potions in part of Kindred Images and Creations.You will always receive a fresh batch of lotion or creams from my shop. Because of the natural and handmade nature of my products there can be mild differences in color and scent from batch to batch. All ingredients are listed.

* Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult your health care professional with any health-related concerns, and for diagnosis and treatment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Treasury Time

Here are some new treasuries I would like to share. Take a look and click away to visit all these wonderful handmade items.

As the crow flies, I put this one together

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's madness 3/26/12

Wow another week has gone by. I have been so busy hanging out with my sister while she has been up here from Maryland that I barely made anything. I did make the lovely green and copper helms weave chainmaille bracelet & necklace. I am ready for another week to indulge in creativity.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One day left to enter my latest giveaway

I have another giveaway at the Out Of
 The Box Sampler Giveaway App.

Enter Here and remember to enter all
the other awesome giveaways there
as well.

Here are the details-
Enjoy the health benefits of all natural
 lavender products. Lavender is not 
only a powerful aromatherapy herb,
 it also has wonderful benefits for you skin and body.

The winner of my giveaway will receive 1 bar of hand milled 100% olive oil & lavender soap, 1 small package of lavender mineral bath soak and 1 lavender perfume balm. 

For more information on these product follow the links below

Lavender Mineral Bath
Lavender Perfume Balm

As always you can find me online here

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Feature- Black Willow Soaps, Salts, and Candles

Eucalyptus Speariment scented Avocado Cucumber Soap 
How did you name your business?
I bought a house this year and was researching
 landscaping ideas. I came across the Black 
Willow Tree in a search engine when looking 
for willow trees that could be planted in Florida.
 Since I was a little girl in Indiana, I always 
loved Willow Trees. Since I do not have a back 
yard that resembles the everglades, I was out
 of luck if I wanted to have a Black Willow Tree
 in my landscaping. When I was trying to come
 up with a name for the shop, Black Willow just
 stuck. I couldn't get it out of my mind. So, I
 went with it. Since I have been married, 
about five years, I have looked back to my
 roots and tried to pull pieces of my roots
 into my home, my personality, and the 
things that I create. Willow trees are a 
part of those roots, from Indiana.

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?
I have been on Etsy since January 5th of this year. I have been making candles for about five years now. The soaps and bath salts started about 4 years ago. I made them as Christmas gifts for my family and friends, in little baskets with loofas and movies. Unfortunately for the men, I never had any manly scents, so they got movie baskets instead.
 Stormy Night scented Creme Candle 
I have been creating art since my junior year of high 
school. I moved to Florida in the summer before my
 junior year of high school. In Indiana I was in 
musicals, show choir, student counsel, band, and 
cheerleading. When I was uprooted by my mother
 after the company that she went for went bankrupt, 
I lost myself down here. The music program was 
horrible. I had never thought about doing art. I just
 took the regular art classes that I needed to get the
 credits to graduate. My art teacher, Mrs. Brandt, 
pulled me from chorus and asked me to be in her 
portfolio art class. I still have my first painting. From
 there I won art awards and participated in 
Can-struction. I was accepted at Ringling School of 
Art and Design in Bradenton. My mother couldn't
 afford the tuition and instead I started out at community college. The art teacher and I didn't see eye to eye, so I dropped and joined the army. Years later I went back to college and got my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and my Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology. I know, not exactly artsy. I worked as a child protective investigator for about a year, a child welfare case manager for a little over a year, and am now working with senior citizens. Unhappy with my career choices thus far, I started creating candles, soaps, and other products to soothe me and here I am.
What inspires and influences your work?
Monkey Farts Bath Salt
I love new smells. I think that my biggest influence is
 just a fragrance oil store. I go to the flea market here
 in Fort Myers, Florida on the weekends and scout
 for new and exciting scents. I check out the local
 merchandise and build on that. My family and
 friends are extremely supportive, which inspires
 me to keep going everyday through my less 
than desirable job to get to come home and
 make fragrant and wonderful things.

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?
Right now, they are really only on Etsy. I am working on getting into craft shows with my mother, who makes faux floral arrangements. I am processing the idea of starting my own website to kind of break away from my competition on Etsy, but I do love the community and the assistance of all of the etsy members. I think that it is a wonderful site to get into if even just to learn from others and be in touch with other people who share your passion.

What do you do when your not creating?
Honestly, it seems as if I am working all of the time! Even my trips to the beach are consumed with work for my shop! Seriously, if I am not creating something or dreaming up something, I am working as a case manager for senior citizens to try and keep them in their homes instead of going to a nursing home. I have a husband and an 11 year old stepdaughter who I enjoy spending time with, when I can tear myself away from the Black Willow Soaps shop. Of course, like I said, even when I am spending time with my family, I am still thinking about something to create or working on getting something that I can use to create something. I took my husband to the beach with me a few weekends ago just to get shells for candles and go to thrift stores in search of coffee mugs for candles! However, every Friday night I go to my mother's house for dinner and a movie to relax and keep good company.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
My favorite so far is the Lavender Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Blossoms.
Lavender Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap 

Why did you create this piece(s)?
I was asked by my Aunt Amy if my soaps would be 
harsh on her skin. She apparently gets rashes from 
store bought soaps. I had not created this particular
 soap yet, but after talking to her I thought that it
 might be a good solution to her problem. I made
 up a sample and sent it out to her in the Dakotas
. It really helped her and she eventually bought a
 couple of bars.

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?
I get to create things that are useful to people and that people like to use everyday. I get to solve problems with my products and I get to hear feedback and learn from it. I hand make every one of my items individually. I put a lot of time and thought into each product including the way that it smells, looks, and how it will be packaged. I think that the most special thing about my soap products is that they are all boxed in handmade boxes that I learned how to make from my stepdaughter. She learned how to make gift boxes in her middle school art classes and was kind enough to show me how to do it. She laughed, of course, at my first attempt at making one, but once the first box was made it was absolute that the soaps should be placed in those boxes.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?
I am always up for learning new arts and crafts. I dabble in sewing, crocheting, and cross stitching. As I said before, I have created several art pieces. I have dabbled in several media such as charcoal, colored pencil, acrylic, oil, and mixed media. I tried my hand at watercolor, but I just can't seem to go anywhere with it. I think that I was better at watercolor when I was about five years old than I am now. I have created two quilts, one for my bed and one for my stepdaughter's bed. I am working on a third for the guest bedroom. I would love to learn how to knit, just because I don't know how and I have seen other people create some amazing things when knitting.
 French Vanilla Pear scented Body Spray 
Shop Name: Black Willow Soaps, Salts, and Candles

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Treasury Time!

Here are some wonderful new treasuries on Etsy! Take a look and click away to visit these awesome artist and artisans shops.

This one was put together by me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lavender Set Giveaway

I have another giveaway at the Out Of
 The Box Sampler Giveaway App.

Enter Here and remember to enter all
the other awesome giveaways there
as well.

Here are the details-
Enjoy the health benefits of all natural
 lavender products. Lavender is not 
only a powerful aromatherapy herb,
 it also has wonderful benefits for you skin and body.

The winner of my giveaway will receive 1 bar of hand milled 100% olive oil & lavender soap, 1 small package of lavender mineral bath soak and 1 lavender perfume balm. 

For more information on these product follow the links below

Lavender Mineral Bath
Lavender Perfume Balm

As always you can find me online here

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's Madness!!! 3-20-12

Tomorrow is my oldest daughters birthday! She is turning 10 wow double digits, I've hit undiscovered territory, lol. I has been crazy around here with bead orders coming in, inventorying every thing, birthday parties to plan, family coming up. Crazy busy but really fun and exciting.

Lavender Mineral Bath
Calming & Relaxing
I have some new products in my shop to share. I have been making
 my own mineral baths for a long time and I have finally decided to
 make them a regular item in my shop. I can customize the scents
 and benefit to what you want. Like all my products they are all
 natural and good for you.

Made with-
~The highest quality *Dead Sea Salt - Bokek® Premium is 100%
 pure, harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel where the
 mineral content is the highest.
~Epsom salt - to sooth and comfort your aching muscles and 
joints, known to help draw toxins from the body and helps with
All Natural Pink Grapefruit Mineral Bath
uplifting and relaxing
 many skin problems. 
~Baking Soda- Baking soda helps wash 
away oil and perspiration, and it also 
neutralizes acids on the skin.
 Baking soda is especially great 
for soothing skin rashes,
 and can even help chronic problems 
like eczema and psoriasis. Some also
 claim that it helps counter the 
negative effects of radiation (whether
 from the sun or from x-rays, cancer
 treatments, and the like). It certainly 
helps a sunburn!
~Borax- borax has the ability to soften the water, and 
suspend soap particles in the bathwater. The result
 is soft, clean, and healthy skin, which is not clogged 
by the residue of soap particles.
~Essential oils for aromatherapy and natural health benefits
All Natural Ylang Ylang Mineral Bath
Calming and Relaxing
All Natural Soothing Unscented Mineral
 Bath Relieves Stress

As always you can find me online here

*For more on Bokek Dead Sea Salt visit-

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Todays jewelry projects

Today I worked on a custom order for a copper filigree & crystal bracelet & earring set. I also made these chain & black agate skull earrings. Both nice simple and easy projects perfect for a Sunday project.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend projects

I have challenged myself to make at least 1 piece of jewelry a day. This morning I went on an eating frenzy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Two new batches of soap

I love making small batches of soap, each is special and unique. Since I make cold process soap I control each and every ingredient in it. I get to pick what oils I use, what add-ins like oatmeal and flower buds. Yes you can do some of this with melt and pour soap bases but it lack something for me. It is like making a cake from a box mix compared to making it from scratch. The box mix cake taste good but it just is not the same!

These two batches are made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and soy oil. I made one batch with shea butter, frankincense, rosemary and clery sage essential oils and then a loofa and pouring the soap in it so when I sliced it each bar has a built in loofa:) the little skulls are also the shea butter soap. The second batch has ylang ylang and vitamin E and was made in the goddess tray. Now both need to cure for 6-8 weeks.

Friday Feature- KatieDidsx3 Shattered Marble Charms Necklaces & Key Chains

How did you name your business? I decided just to 
go by my nickname Katie Dids with and
 x3 at the end for a heart.

How long have you been doing your art/craft for? 
I actually started and opened my store for this craft 
at the end of January so it hasn't been to long.

What inspires and influences your work? My style, things that can catch a girls eye.

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?

What do you do when your not creating? I like to 
watch supernatural / sci fi tv shows, I also sell my 
used clothes on ebay which I have been doing for the
 last year.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
Items in the nautical line, the charms just have really nice
detail and and color combos. Everyone loves anchors
 but my rudders with "love" marked them are my

Why did you create this piece(s)? I wanted to make

 a necklace with nautical colors that aren't as typical,
 green reminded me of algae and sea weed and white
 reminded me of ships paint and the bright sky. I like 
to call the rudder necklaces and key chains,
 "Nautical Love."

What do you feel is special about your art/craft? I feel like I add a little pop to the typical charm or fried marble necklace. I bring a darker edgy vibe that makes them stand out a little more for a better price especially.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why? Paper quilling looks really cool to me, I also want to work with clay and porcelain more. I have most of the supplies at my house because my Mother was a craft nut too, I just need to make time for it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Product Spotlight- Crows in Chrome Trinket Box

I decorate these pre-made boxes with images from my
Crows in chrome trinket box
photography and other things. I also hand stamp them
as well. This one is painted black and decoupaged
 with a crow photo I took and played with a bit
digitally. Crows are one of my favorite birds (in case
 you did not know) and I often photograph them.
 The day I took this picture It was a cold day late into
fall. We where driving in Portland and there was this
 huge murder of crows flying from tree to tree. I was
 watching them but really did not want to jump out
 on the side of the road in the cold. But when my
hubby suggested it, it gave me the push I needed to
 do it. I sure am glad he asked me because it is one
 of my favorite series of photos. If you would like to view more photos of this box or purchase one click HERE

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Steampunk Artist Myke Amend

While browsing steampunk art this week I found this great artist. What caught my attention at first was he has a free steampunk coloring page to download for kids. After browsing his site for a while I have to say he is now one of my favorite new artist. He has plenty to look at on his site so take a look Here

Black Ships Ate The Sky - By Myke Amend

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Treasury Time!!!! 3-13-12

Here are some wonderful treasuries from Etsy. Click away and visit some of these beautiful shops.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mondays Madness!!!! 3-12-12

I was asked over the weekend by a fellow artisan why I feature other shops, artist and artisans on my blog, twitter etc... more so why feature shops that sell similar things to what I create. I did not have to stop and think about it. I Love art, crafts and handmade. I want anyone that dedicates their time and talent to be noticed. I know what my creations have to offer my customers and believe they will make it to the right people with proper marketing, sampling and of coarse with time and patience. It does not happen all once except for the very rare occasion. By helping others in my position I help myself as well. I make new connections and most in the art/handmade community need a boost and love to promote themselves as well as others. It is about loving and appreciating the work people put into the products that drives me to promote, promote, promote. I assume all artist and artisans have the same passion in their work as I do. It is this belief that makes me want them to succeed as much as I want myself to succeed.

Talking about appreciation, one of the greatest ways I feel appreciated in the work I do is custom orders. Having someone see my creations and like it enough to want a unique personalized version says a lot to me, it is an ego booster! Here is my latest custom order. This set is made from hand bent copper Celtic knots, black onyx and a black celestial crystal focal bead. I hand bend each copper knot then make each onyx link and connect the whole thing together. The set is a 28" necklace, 7.5" bracelet and earring set and sold for $60.

As always you can find me online here

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Feature- LeeAnn's Heavenly Scents

Today I am featuring a wonderful artisan I met in the Out Of The Box Sample Team on Etsy. She makes wonderful bath and body products. So take a look, learn about her and her products and of coarse go show her shop a little love!

How did you name your business?  I was searching for just the perfect name, my sister came up with the  idea, I loved it and so began the process of opening
 up my own business.  

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?  
I have been making soaps for the last 10 years.  I have crocheted and sewed for the last 23 years.  

What inspires and influences your work?  I am
 inspired by fragrances, smells…I love to create items
 that tantalize the senses while uplifting the spirit.  I am
 influenced by my belief that items that are created
 with love are the most meaningful.  Nothing is better 
than receiving something that was made with care and
 attention to detail.

Where can you artwork/pieces be found? 
 My creations can be found here:

What do you do when your not creating? 
 When I am not crafting I can be found spending 
time with my family, going camping and taking long
 walks.  I also work a seasonal job as a Head
 Teacher for a Head Start Program.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?  It is so hard to choose my favorite piece,
 but I do enjoy creating lotion recipe took
 6 months to create.  It was a process of using 
organic butters, oils and fragrances.  But in the
 end, I feel I have a winner. 

Why did you create this piece(s)?  I created lotion
 bars to help my daughter, she had eczema as a child,
 lotions just didn’t seem to work, the water and
 alcohol seemed to dry her skin out more.  I researched, experimented and finally came 
up with a product that worked!

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?  I feel handmade items that are made in small batches with attention to detail and quality are what make my items special.  I also use  organic materials as the main ingredients for most of my soaps.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?  I would like to learn how to felt soap properly ( I am still in the beginning learning stages).  I would also love to learn how to knit and have joined a knitting group to start the process.

 Links where you can find LeeAnn and her Heavenly Scents! 
Email info:
Facebook page:
blog page:

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