Monday, March 12, 2012

Mondays Madness!!!! 3-12-12

I was asked over the weekend by a fellow artisan why I feature other shops, artist and artisans on my blog, twitter etc... more so why feature shops that sell similar things to what I create. I did not have to stop and think about it. I Love art, crafts and handmade. I want anyone that dedicates their time and talent to be noticed. I know what my creations have to offer my customers and believe they will make it to the right people with proper marketing, sampling and of coarse with time and patience. It does not happen all once except for the very rare occasion. By helping others in my position I help myself as well. I make new connections and most in the art/handmade community need a boost and love to promote themselves as well as others. It is about loving and appreciating the work people put into the products that drives me to promote, promote, promote. I assume all artist and artisans have the same passion in their work as I do. It is this belief that makes me want them to succeed as much as I want myself to succeed.

Talking about appreciation, one of the greatest ways I feel appreciated in the work I do is custom orders. Having someone see my creations and like it enough to want a unique personalized version says a lot to me, it is an ego booster! Here is my latest custom order. This set is made from hand bent copper Celtic knots, black onyx and a black celestial crystal focal bead. I hand bend each copper knot then make each onyx link and connect the whole thing together. The set is a 28" necklace, 7.5" bracelet and earring set and sold for $60.

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