Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awesome Blogs- The Travelers Steampunk Blog

Any of you that have followed my blog for any amount of time know I tend to jump from one thing to the next. I bounce around from any type of handmade, art, all natural thing that strikes my fancy! You may also know I have a great love for steampunk, goth and anything altered! I am trying to add more post and be more consistent in my blogging(as consistent as I can be,lol). Plus now that I have my smart phone I am hoping to do mini post while I am out and find some thing cool I would like to share(just a small update....... so on to my real point of this post while looking for steampunk art and blogs,I am having a hard time finding good steampunk blogs:(, but I found one I really like and would to share. There is so many awesome post on this blog I got lost for near 2 hours reading. I hope you enjoy it and show a little blog love!

The Travelers Steampunk Blog

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