Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just needed to post something....

My creativity has been carried away by warm weather, beaches and finishing up my oldest daughter homeschool portfolio review(which I put off putting together way to long and am now at the deadline). But I had blog something before start to fade into bloggers limbo. So here is a update and a collection that I was featured in.

I have been working a little on trinket/jewelry/stash boxes some inexpensive pre-made ones that I  decoupage my photography on that I have shown on here before and some that I wrote about last time, The handmade ones. I have been trying to take my camera out with me now that I have a new monopod, but the weather has not been best. Mostly I have been cleaning house(getting ready to have a yard sale that got rained out this week, so now it will be next weekend), working on my flower bed, and container garden and of coarse taking my girls out to enjoy sunny days.

I honestly love this collection themed for the understated muchroom, that features one of my photos. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What I have been up to

 Not much new going on lately. I have been making some basic beaded strung bracelets and necklaces. I will be finishing up my first jewelry box done completely by hand. My love design, cut and assembled these beautiful wood boxes specially so I could display my photography on them. I cover the top with a clear epoxy and
 the image is there forever. I just need to finish sanding, then hand rubbed oil finish then add a felt lining in side the box and on the bottom. A lot more work then buying the small pre-made boxes and decoupaging my photography on the top. But I do like decoupage:) So hopefully soon I will have some photos of finished product for you. For now here is a few collections from Artfire, The first is one I put together from members of the Bloggers Unite Guild and the second is one I was featured in done by another Artfire member.

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