Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review- Country Folks Soap Candles

I am always on the look out for a good lavender scented candle and I love to buy local handmade product. So while browsing Country Folks shop before Mother's Day I spotted her Dream Fetcher. This wonderful smelling candle is a combination of  lavender, spicy sage and sweet basil.  I must say this is the best smelling lavender blend I have smelled. It is not overwhelming and did not bother my allergies. It reminds of sitting next to the herb garden on an summer night. After a hot humid August day when the air starts to cool and sweet smells of the herbs peak to their fullest. I also purchased her Tart Me Up candle which is pleasant blend of Italian orange, bergamot is mixed with sweet & tart grapefruit. This also a wonderful scent full of citrus perk. The candle burned well near 30 hours as stated in the listing.

Her shop is filled with many fun scent combinations for both guy and gals. There is soap, lotions, candles, lip balms and more. My order was shipped quickly and neatly. The shop also has a rewards program when you buy 10 items from her shop you get one free. See her shop for details. 

All together I am extremely happy with the products and service from this wonderful handmade Maine shop! I highly recommend Country Folk Soap.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And the winner is!

The winner of my 200 sales giveaway is kimberly martini. Congratulations Kimberly! An email has been sent to the winner. 

Thank you to all who entered. I hope you stick around to see what my next giveaway will be.

Wordless Wednesday- Dandelion

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's Madness

I hope everyone is enjoying the last day of the long weekend here in the US. And Happy Monday to all my readers worldwide! I have had a great weekend and plan to enjoy a few from the grill treats later today. 

Have you had a chance to enter my latest giveaway? If not here is a link to it  200 sales giveaway!
Good luck to all. The giveaway end on the 29th(tomorrow).

I have two brand new all natural products in my shop

All Natural Perk Up Perfume Balm Notes of Sweet Orange & Peppermint Great Aromatherapy Benifits

Perk up your body and mind through out the day. The sweet citrus of the orange is uplifting and sure to brighten your spirits. Peppermint helps to boost your mood and relieve feelings of sadness as well as enhance mental performance and feelings of happiness. Together this sweet minty citrus scent can help perk you up! 

Solid perfume balms give a long lasting scent that does not over power or fade easily. Made with top quality essential oils, grape seed oil and bees wax combined to make this wonderful scented perfume balm. Filled in a 1/2 oz tin with an image of oranges and mint leaves. This listing is for 1 tin. Looking for a special scent or essential oil blend? contact me and I will make you your own custom natural perfume!

What's inside- Grapeseed oil, bees wax,cardamom essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, peppermint essential oil

* Some citrus oils including orange & lemon have been known to cause Photo sensitivity. Avoid direct sunlight while using this product.
* Some people with sensitive skin might have problems with using peppermint on their skin.

All Natural Blemish Free Balm Stick  Great for Adult Acne Rashes & Other Skin Conditions

This is my all natural pimple zapper but it is great for many other things beside pimples and acne. This wonderful balm works wonders on many skin problems including acne, adult acne, rash, diaper rash, boils, bug bites, sunburns, eczema and more. This listing is for one .15 oz tube/stick wonderful for quick application, great for teens to stash in the backpacks. I also have 1/2oz tins available in my shop. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Complete list of ingredients- Grapeseed oil, bee's wax, jojoba oil, tea tree essential, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, geranium essential oil, patchouli essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil

Why is it in there?
Tea tree essential oil- is a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal medicine (essential oil). It is used as a very effective first aid remedy and against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, boils and more. 

Lavender essential oil- can be used to treat a number of skin problems such as acne, burns, dry skin, eczema, itchy skin, sunburn, seborrhea, and skin inflammation. Lavender essential oil has very powerful antiseptic properties. Applying it to wounds can not only increase cell growth causing the wound to heal faster, but it also decreases the appearance of scars. The oils anti-microbial action protects scrapes and wounds from infection, while allowing them heal.

Chamomile essential oil- Chamomile benefits also include soothing skin rashes, including eczema and acne. It can also help ease minor burns and sunburn. It can be used as a lotion or added in oil form to a cool bath; chamomile also reduces skin inflammation. It may also speed healing and prevent bacterial infection.

Geranium essential oil- Geranium Essential Oil helps balance both dry or oily skin by regulating sebum production. This is a wonderful oil for combination skin. It acts as a natural astringent, causing skin tissue to contract resulting in firmer younger looking skin.It promotes skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity and circulation to the surface of skin making it ideal for anti aging treatments. Skin appears more radiant and youthful.
It naturally cleanses and has antibacterial properties that aid in healing which can be of great benefit if you suffer from eczema or acne prone skin. It can also be used to heal burns, wounds and even shingles.

Patchouli- There are many skin benefits with patchouli. It regenerates skin cells, which makes it useful for hastening the healing of wounds and to fade scars. Because of patchouli’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps calm skin problems like sunburn, acne, eczema and other forms of dermatitis. It regulates sebum production which helps treat acne and dandruff. Its anti-fungal properties make it useful in combating athlete’s foot, jock itch and fungal problems of the skin such as Candida.

Eucalyptus essential oil- its has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, and other medicinal properties. Eucalyptus essential oil is a good antiseptic owing to its germicidal properties. On its exposure to air, ozone is formed which is a well-known antiseptic. Hence eucalyptus oil is used for healing wounds, ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions and sores. It is also effective on insect bites and stings.

Bees wax- to thicken the lotion, help provide a protective layer on the skin that still lets the skin "breath", it is also known to have mild antibacterial properties. 

Grapeseed oil & Jojoba oil- Both are great carrier oils for all skin types offering wonderful moisturizing while absorbing quickly leaving very little to no oily residue on the skin

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Product Spotlight- Upcycled Heart Bottle Cap Magnets

Upcycled Hearts bottle cap Magnet Set of 3

Upcycled bottle cap magnets with hearts printed on and antiqued paper and covered with a high quality resin. large magnet allows you to secure pictures and other things easily. This is a set of 3, 1 of each design pictured. 

Spacefems Big Etsy Contest

Spacefems Big Etsy Contest

Describe the contest in 3 sentences. is a daily contest for etsy items. I wrote a script that automatically pulls 500 items a day, usually based on price category, and puts them up two at a time for voters to pick the best one. Thousands of votes come in every day and any shop can sign up for free. For example on the first of the month, we vote on $1 items (between $1-$1.99). On the 2nd, the items are between $2-$2.99. On the 17th, they're between $17-$17.99. You get the picture.

What inspired you to start this?
I love buying stuff on etsy but don't have much money, so literally whenever I sell something I'm like "oh YAY there's $5 (or whatever) in my paypal account, what can I get?" So I wanted to have a contest for what the best $5 item really was! I've been buying stuff on etsy since 2008, way longer than I've been selling, and I'm just obsessed. So many of my favorite things around my home are from handmade artists all over the country, and they make me so happy.
Screen Shot from Big Etsy Contest

How long has the daily etsy contest been running?
I started it in February 2012, just having my forum members help out with testing, and it's grown slowly from there. Now we have our own team on etsy and have sprinkled in a number of new contest themes so it's not always just by price, like we call Tuesdays Hue Tuesday and vote on items tagged "red" or "purple" or some other color, it makes it fun!

What do you do when you're not making websites?
Sewing, mostly! And I'm an electrical engineer by day, who likes to fly airplanes, walk my dog, play with my two year old. I opened my etsy shop about a year ago, after I bought a house and had a craft room all to myself (oh the JOY!) and just started making WAYYY too much stuff for my family and friends to keep pretending to enjoy. I'm obsessed with making little zipper bags, there are only so many that the average person needs, you know?

What is your favorite contest theme so far?
Definitely the Welcome Wednesday theme we started this month, it's for all NEW etsy shops. So we end up with people who've been selling on etsy for like, a week, and have no sales, and they get showered with love and attention. It makes me so happy!
Screen Shot from Big Etsy Contest

What have you learned?
Mostly I've learned that in the under $7 range, people LOVE to vote for soap. It's not like we can smell through the screens so I was surprised at first, but there are so many gorgeous ones! One month we found space soap, I had no idea there was such a thing, it's one of my favorites:

Also since it's spring we had all these garden items featured, and a few little doors won. Little doors! Again, never would have crossed my mind but they're so enchanting!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Feature- Simply Maine Sea Glass

Simply Maine Sea Glass

Simply Maine Sea Glass - Owner/Artist: Melissa Yunke - 

Describe yourself in 3 sentences:           
  I'm a 32 year old happily married woman living in Saco Maine with my husband, rescue cat and dog. My husband and I rescue and foster animals for West Kennebunk Animal Welfare Society. Without pets in our lives I think we would both be lost. 
Cobalt Blue Sea Glass In A Bottle

How did you name your business?        
   I came up with Simply Maine Sea Glass while making one of my first sea glass necklaces. I don't believe in covering up the natural beauty of sea glass....I like to "keep it simple". All of our sea glass comes from beaches in Southern and Mid-Coast Maine so it was an easy choice to name my shop Simply Maine Sea Glass.

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?    
   After moving from the midwest about three years ago I found my first piece of sea glass and I was in love. My first necklace came to be about a week later and I haven't stopped since. 
Baby Blue Sea Glass Moonstone Pendent 

What inspires and influences your work?          
  I'm a working class person that grew up working class and I want everyone to be able to afford something nice for themselves". Regardless of what we have in our bank account, we all deserve something nice....Something that makes us do the "happy dance" when it arrives in the mail. 

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?   
Sea Glass Bobby Pin Set

What do you do when your not creating?           
 I spend much of my time working with our rescue dog, Miss Sophie (silver dapple miniature dachshund). She was a product of a puppy mill and came to us when she was very sick. I take great joy in spending time training her and taking her to visit hospitals and convalescent homes. You can also find us on most weekend at anti puppy mill protest around New England. 

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?    

Why did you create this piece(s)?          
 This was a piece of sea glass found on my favorite beach that I needed to share with someone. The necklace is a bit different from most that I's a bit more "shiny" if you will.... It has a feeling of glam to it!

Amazing Natural Maine Sea Glass Necklace

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?          
  Each piece is made at my desk in my office, sometime made and made again until I feel it's right. I want each piece to be treasured by whomever end up with it. I work even harder knowing that 25% of the profit from our shop is donated to West Kennebunk Animal Welfare Society and another 25% is donated to Good Shepard Food Bank. I know that the hard I work, the more we can donate to these wonderful causes.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?           
 I want to learn pottery.... it would be another way for me to express myself and bring happiness into other's lives.
Natural Maine Sea Glass Necklace w/Swarovski Crystals

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Just Found It!

I just found this great blog Tessacotton that is having a giveaway! You could win a handmade cup cozy. They are really cute. Just click here to find out how to enter.

Wordless Wednesday- Lupins

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ACEO ART PRINT "Seraphim Relic" by Painted Epoxy

Here is one of my latest ACEOs to be added to my collection. I love this print. At my first glance it made me think of blue ferns. After buying it two new impressions have cropped up into my mind. Both nautical the ocean waves and octopus tentacles! Amber of The Painted Epoxy is a very talented artist with many treasuries in her shop. You can find more prints of her art, photography, steampunk trinket boxes, magnets and more... She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her shop and treasures.

Treasury Time

I was in so many beautifully put together treasuries over the past week! Thank you to everyone that has included me. But this one is one of my favs... because it features Maine Team Members and I love the name that come from one of the product in it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's madness

It was a beautiful weekend here in Maine. It was sunny and summertime warm! The girls and I had a picnic by the sea and enjoyed the still cold ocean water on our toes. Very wonderful if I must say so myself!

I finished my Egypt series ACEOs. Here they are. I have them listed on my Etsy shop but if anyone is interested in trading ATC/ACEO I would love to see what you have for cards!




Queen Nefertiti 

Eye Of Horus



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blogs I Love- The art & tree chatter of aquariann

There is always some thing going on at Aquariann's blog. She has her own awesome art. Plus she promotes others by featuring treasuries, supplying linkies for other to share on her blog. I hope you enjoy her blog and art as much as I do. You can visit her blog here

Saturday, May 19, 2012

From My Favorites- It Is All In The Box

Antique Wood Steamer Trunk / Free Delivery NYC

This wood trunk has a slight camel back hump to the lid. It has beautiful metal hardware. I'm not sure the exact age of this trunk but it appears to be really old. I replaced the old leather handles that were broken and dried out with reclaimed leather from an old belt. The bottom of the trunk has small metal wheels. Over all its a great looking antique trunk

Wood Burned/Hand Painted Art Nouveau Goddess Jewelry Trinket Boxes

Beautifully wood burned and handpainted trinket box. A romantic Art Nouveau rendering of an elegant Goddess. This delicate box can be used for a trinket box, jewelry box or offering box.

Dimensions: 4.5in.x2.5in.x1.5in

Original Hand Painted Trinket Box - Lady with Monkey and Vivid Designs - Whimsical

5" x 5" x 2.75" Wooden Trinket Box - Original Hand Painting of Lady with Her Pet Monkey and Designs

Store your little goodies in this whimsical trinket box. Painted in gold yellow, bright blue and red.

Painting is protected with a mat varnish
1950s Vintage Metal Dresser Rococo Vignettes Cigarette Box

Hinged metal box made in Japan, possibly occupied, it features 3 different figural colonial vignettes with elaborate rococo. The box has very dark (and untouched) patina but shows a silver metal underneath, is footed, and is stamped on the bottom with Made in Japan as well as with a Rising Sun symbol. A few scratches on the exterior and the inside is raw. Still, a gorgeous little treasure for your dresser, table or desktop for trinkets, jewelry or whatever you might need to stash


Friday, May 18, 2012

Check out this wonderful review of my Lotus Flower Solid Perfume Product Review: Kindred Images Solid Perfume: I was lucky enough to be given a sample of solid perfume from one of our May sponsors, Chrissy-jo from Kindred Images .  Chrissy-jo has b...

Just Found It! Grace Note Gifts: Friday: A Great Day for a {Giveaway!}

I just found this wonderful giveaway from  Grace Note Gifts. Check out what this handmade shop is offering for a giveaway on her blog.
Grace Note Gifts: Friday: A Great Day for a {Giveaway!}:

Friday Feature- thersmith


Describe yourself in 3 sentences.
Black & Silver Steampunk Neclace

I love to have fun.
I strive for peace and balance in my life.
I love to create.

How did you name your business?

Ther has been a nick name I've had for very long time. I use to always say this is how it is in my world. So I went from there and tried to create something original. I use to go by thersmith just thought I would tweak it a bit.

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?

I have been doing some for m of art all my life. My mother is an Artist and my father use to build and create sculpture types of things when I was a child so I guess it's in my blood.

What inspires and influences your work?

Everything especially others in the art world. It pushes me to places and thoughts and techniques I didn't know existed.

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?

Brown Charm Bracelet

Twitter: thersmithnc

What do you do when your not creating?

Read, watch TV I'm real TV junkie, surf the internet and nap love to nap.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
Silver & Black Steampunk Necklace

Well I really wanted to get away from the glam type of stuff I was doing, it seamed not too creative ultimately. And I really wanted to move toward something unique so I started trying to blend industrial and natural mediums. Its rather difficult to blend and takes me way longer to create and come up with ideas, but it is way more satisfying in the end.

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?

Uniqueness, I really do not want to seen anything like I do anywhere else, I want it to stick out, and I want to be in my own little niche.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?

I absolutely love wire wrap, especially the very intricate stuff, its like a puzzle to me. I look at it and cant even imagine how one comes up with the idea let alone the process. I think I find it so attractive is there has to be way more for thought in the process then I have. I start with a few items then I add the colors and shapes, but from there its a creation that I have no idea how its going to end up like. I sometimes feel like a painter and never really knowing when it's done.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review- The Singer Chainstitch Sewing Machine For Kids

My 10 year old wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine, but was a little scared to use my big sewing machine. So when I noticed this cute little sewing machine with a clear guard around the needle I thought I found just the thing for her. But to my and her dismay it ended up being another bad crafting purchase. We took it out of the box and started it up I showed her how to thread it, how to use it and then let her start her creative endeavors. I walked out of the room and heard "MOM it is not working". So I check and the stitch was so loose I was not holding the fabric together. I tried adjusting the tension and all was good. I few minutes later the same thing... And then again. At this point I am annoyed. But having to repeatedly adjust the tension is not the worse thing. After about 20 minutes some thing else went wrong. Maybe the needles timing? But the needle just stopped going all the way down. I have been sewing for years and on different sewing machines and never had I had so much problems with a machine. To say the least I returned it, got my $30 dollars back and picked her up a small but real sewing machine. A White Sew E-Z Mini Portable Sewing Machine and have had no problems with it and it cost me the same price.

I do not recommend this product. It is poorly/cheaply put together. I have always liked the Singer Products but this has made me question what they are willing to put their name on. My daughter was very discouraged and I was stressed out by the need to return and purchase another product.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New To My Art Trading Card Collection

Art Trading Cards (ATCs) and Art Card Editions & Originals (ACEOs) are 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch(baseball card size) mini works of art. They can be any form of art collage, paintings, drawings etc... I love these mini works of art! It gives me a way to own other artist work with out braking the bank. Yes they are my newest obsession! So I will be including the ACEOs & ATC that I get with all of you.

 Here are a few I bought maybe a month ago from a fellow Etsy Maine Team member Teresa of TSM Designs.
These two beautifully put together collages jumped out at me and I had to buy them. I love her style and am sure I will be getting more from her in the future. These are originals and came in the clear protective sleeve. Which is a nice little extra not they cost a lot, but every extra detail counts. Teresa had them safely packed and shipped quickly. Now I get to enjoy them everyday. If collages catch your fancy I strongly recommend her shop.

Doll Face

True Love

200 sales giveaway!

Woo Hoo My Etsy shop hit 200 sales today! To celebrate all of my wonderful customers I am having a giveaway! The winner of my giveaway can pick any one item from my shop up to a $15 value. How can you enter, you ask? Very simple just visit my Etsy shop then come back here and comment with what you pick from my shop if you win and leave an email so I can reach you if you win. Plus look below for more chances to enter.
  • To be entered you most post a comment on this blog post with what you might pick from my shop if you win. Click here to visit my shop also leave an email address to reach you at if you win.
For extra chances to win you can do the following..... Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry or it will not be counted.
  • Like my Facebook page and leave a little hello so I know you came by.
  • Share my giveaway on facebook 
  • Follow my blog by using the google friends connect widget on the left hand side bar.
  • Follow my twitter
  • Tweet my giveaway with link and @kindredimages
That means you can have a total of 6 entries!
Here are a few samples of what is in my shop for $15 and under. There are tons more so take a good look in my shop. There is photography prints, cards, trinket boxes, jewelry, potions potions and more....

Treasury Time!

I was included in some beautiful treasuries over this last week. Here is one of my favorites and then one that I put together.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's madness

I had a great mother's day. We went out for chinese food then I shopped at some of my favorite craft stores. I picked up some new paints and other goodies including the green wire for my latest chainmaille bracelet.  We finished off with a few drinks and a movie at home. Great day. How was your mothers day?

Here are a few ACEO/ATC I have been working on for an egyptian card series I am working on.

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