Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Product Spot Light- Chainmaille Jewelry

Purple Full Persian Chainmaille
Earring w/white quartz 
I have a love for making chainmaille jewelry. It is not just the gorgeous end result but also the method & technics. It is relaxing to me normally! of coarse I have those moments where mistakes frustrate me but I just backtrack and start again.

Every single ring is coiled from top quality wire and cut right in my home studio. I open and close each ring by hand using the same technics that have been used for thousands of years. This is one of things I love about chainmaille I start with just a spool of wire and in the end I have a beautiful timeless creation!
Here a few pieces available in my shop right now.

Red & Copper Whispers Princess Choker

Gorgeous Crimson & Black Chainmaille Choker
Charming Black & Copper Byzantine Bracelet w/black Onyx

Gothic Red, Black & Silver Full Persian Chainmaille Choker

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