Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Madness- Help Brainstorm to win a PRIZE 4-16-12

Things have been busy! I love it when business picks up. I have been shipping orders pretty steady over the last week. It is a welcomed change from March's trickling of sales. I have been preparing mother day baskets to post in my shops. I love making, giving and receiving gift baskets of handmade goodies. My biggest problem is finding an attractive way to present them. Baskets are nice but the really nice ones can be pricey and adds to the bulk of shipping. What is an affordable, attractive and reusable way to display gift sets? If you have any ideas please share. What kinds of gifts have you received with really cool packaging? What made it special?
If someone comes up with an idea That I end up using I will send you a free product from my shop up to a $10 value with free shipping in the US. This offer is good until May 1st. If some ideas are more or less the same I will pick the first one to post that idea.

What to do for a chance to win....

  1.  post your idea in the comment section below with an email address. You can also send me a message with your email if you wish to not share it publicly but don't forget to still post your idea in the comment section here, too. my email is
  2. More then 1 person can win because I could like more then one idea! So post each separate idea you have in its own separate comment.
It is that easy! Lets have fun and brainstorm together!


Grace Note Gifts said...

My favorite way to receive or give a gift is in a repurposed container...I recently have fallen in love with vintage berry baskets. I have some in my shop, and they are the perfect size to give little goodies in. I have given them to friends with cookies in them, and I also like to use them around my home to corral napkins in my kitchen, or little odds and ends in my home. So that's my brainstorm, haha! ;)

Blessings, Grace

Jennifer D Burrell said...

I noticed companies doing reusable gift boxes. You can upcycle a shoe box. Easier to ship a box too. Wrap it with a bow. My inspiration is Harry and David's Gift Towers: They usually wrap the boxes in such pretty themed paper. I also like the idea of team gift boxes. The sampler team on etsy does this a lot and I would love receiving a box full of hand made items.


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