Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Madness 4-9-12

Wow is it already Monday? Things have been so crazy here for me. I have started spring cleaning and it is going along fine enough but I have not touched my Studio area or my craft storage closet..... My closet scares me! It undoubtedly contains an abundance of forgotten treasures that are sure to ignite creative inspiration, but at what cost? I could vary well get lost for ever in it never to be seen again, lol. It is not all that big mind you about a 5x5' space that  contains a top shelf, a 3 draw filing cabinet and way to much stuff for any small space! Over the years I have out grown my crafting spaces. Up stairs in my bedroom are rubbermaid bins full of sewing & scrap booking paraphernalia, in our attic storage are boxes of yarn (I crochet & knit) and yet more material. My studio area which is in a room that is shared by my hubby as music room and as a teaching area for my girls homeschool is consumed by small totes of product and materials, shelves of tools and books and tons of storage containers full of stuff waiting to be created. There is not a room in the house that does not somewhere have my crafting & art stuff stored in it.... well the 2 bathrooms being the exception. I have my work cut out for me but organizing is again near the top of my priorities. So please share any organization tips or DIY projects.

So busy, busy, busy and now back to work!

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