Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review- Cozy Critters Cuddle Beds

I want to start this review by telling you I have had a wonderful experience dealing with this small handmade company Cozy Critters. A while back she sent me some of her great smelling wax tarts to do a review & giveaway here on my blog. Here is the review in case you missed it Cozy Critters Wax Tart Review.
Rosie is a pleasure to work with and her products are great. So here is a short review on her Cozy Critter Cuddle Bags.

Cozy Critters Shop
My daughter and I had been comparing prices and keeping a look out for a cuddle bag or pet hut for her 
My daughter holding Little Foot in her new
Cozy Critters Cuddle Bag
guinea pig. After trying Rosie's Cozy Critters wax tarts I knew I could trust in the quality of her products. So we shopped around and decided to go with one of her cuddle bags for Little Foot. My daughter enjoyed browsing her shop and looking at all the different colors and print patterns available. Of coarse she picked the pink one with an animal print pattern! The one we bought is a small size and cost $12 + $5 shipping. After placing our order it was quickly delivered and we received it in 3days! It was sent in a flat rate priority box so the $5 shipping is well worth it(small flat rate boxes cost over $5 to ship)! I was worried at first that the small would be to small but not at all it was the perfect size our little piggy can can go right and turn around with no problem. She loves her little cuddle bag. It is very well made, I checked all the seems and not one problem. It is made from warm and soft fleece and flannel. I am very happy with this product and the shop. I strongly recommend Rosie's Cozy Critters. She also sells wax tarts, pet treats, crinkle bags, cuddle blankets and candles.


Rosie A said...

Thanks so much for the great review! I really enjoyed working with you! -Rosie

Rough Magic Creations said...

How absolutely delightful! Makes me wish for a guinea pig ... and a cozy too! :)

Kindred said...

I want a cozy cuddle bag:) thank you for stopping by ladies.

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