Saturday, May 19, 2012

From My Favorites- It Is All In The Box

Antique Wood Steamer Trunk / Free Delivery NYC

This wood trunk has a slight camel back hump to the lid. It has beautiful metal hardware. I'm not sure the exact age of this trunk but it appears to be really old. I replaced the old leather handles that were broken and dried out with reclaimed leather from an old belt. The bottom of the trunk has small metal wheels. Over all its a great looking antique trunk

Wood Burned/Hand Painted Art Nouveau Goddess Jewelry Trinket Boxes

Beautifully wood burned and handpainted trinket box. A romantic Art Nouveau rendering of an elegant Goddess. This delicate box can be used for a trinket box, jewelry box or offering box.

Dimensions: 4.5in.x2.5in.x1.5in

Original Hand Painted Trinket Box - Lady with Monkey and Vivid Designs - Whimsical

5" x 5" x 2.75" Wooden Trinket Box - Original Hand Painting of Lady with Her Pet Monkey and Designs

Store your little goodies in this whimsical trinket box. Painted in gold yellow, bright blue and red.

Painting is protected with a mat varnish
1950s Vintage Metal Dresser Rococo Vignettes Cigarette Box

Hinged metal box made in Japan, possibly occupied, it features 3 different figural colonial vignettes with elaborate rococo. The box has very dark (and untouched) patina but shows a silver metal underneath, is footed, and is stamped on the bottom with Made in Japan as well as with a Rising Sun symbol. A few scratches on the exterior and the inside is raw. Still, a gorgeous little treasure for your dresser, table or desktop for trinkets, jewelry or whatever you might need to stash



Janeane said...

Thank you for posting my trinket box on your lovely blog:) I'm a new follower.

Kindred said...

Your welcome! I love your box it is very cool.

Jynxx said...

Great post & items! Wish I had room for a giant trunk...that one is a beauty!!

Kindred said...

Hey Jynxx *waves* it is a cool trunk:) thank you for stopping in!

Rose said...

Gorgeous picks! I especially like the first one. Those old trunks are so classic.

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