Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's Madness

I hope everyone is enjoying the last day of the long weekend here in the US. And Happy Monday to all my readers worldwide! I have had a great weekend and plan to enjoy a few from the grill treats later today. 

Have you had a chance to enter my latest giveaway? If not here is a link to it  200 sales giveaway!
Good luck to all. The giveaway end on the 29th(tomorrow).

I have two brand new all natural products in my shop

All Natural Perk Up Perfume Balm Notes of Sweet Orange & Peppermint Great Aromatherapy Benifits

Perk up your body and mind through out the day. The sweet citrus of the orange is uplifting and sure to brighten your spirits. Peppermint helps to boost your mood and relieve feelings of sadness as well as enhance mental performance and feelings of happiness. Together this sweet minty citrus scent can help perk you up! 

Solid perfume balms give a long lasting scent that does not over power or fade easily. Made with top quality essential oils, grape seed oil and bees wax combined to make this wonderful scented perfume balm. Filled in a 1/2 oz tin with an image of oranges and mint leaves. This listing is for 1 tin. Looking for a special scent or essential oil blend? contact me and I will make you your own custom natural perfume!

What's inside- Grapeseed oil, bees wax,cardamom essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, peppermint essential oil

* Some citrus oils including orange & lemon have been known to cause Photo sensitivity. Avoid direct sunlight while using this product.
* Some people with sensitive skin might have problems with using peppermint on their skin.

All Natural Blemish Free Balm Stick  Great for Adult Acne Rashes & Other Skin Conditions

This is my all natural pimple zapper but it is great for many other things beside pimples and acne. This wonderful balm works wonders on many skin problems including acne, adult acne, rash, diaper rash, boils, bug bites, sunburns, eczema and more. This listing is for one .15 oz tube/stick wonderful for quick application, great for teens to stash in the backpacks. I also have 1/2oz tins available in my shop. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Complete list of ingredients- Grapeseed oil, bee's wax, jojoba oil, tea tree essential, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, geranium essential oil, patchouli essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil

Why is it in there?
Tea tree essential oil- is a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal medicine (essential oil). It is used as a very effective first aid remedy and against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, boils and more. 

Lavender essential oil- can be used to treat a number of skin problems such as acne, burns, dry skin, eczema, itchy skin, sunburn, seborrhea, and skin inflammation. Lavender essential oil has very powerful antiseptic properties. Applying it to wounds can not only increase cell growth causing the wound to heal faster, but it also decreases the appearance of scars. The oils anti-microbial action protects scrapes and wounds from infection, while allowing them heal.

Chamomile essential oil- Chamomile benefits also include soothing skin rashes, including eczema and acne. It can also help ease minor burns and sunburn. It can be used as a lotion or added in oil form to a cool bath; chamomile also reduces skin inflammation. It may also speed healing and prevent bacterial infection.

Geranium essential oil- Geranium Essential Oil helps balance both dry or oily skin by regulating sebum production. This is a wonderful oil for combination skin. It acts as a natural astringent, causing skin tissue to contract resulting in firmer younger looking skin.It promotes skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity and circulation to the surface of skin making it ideal for anti aging treatments. Skin appears more radiant and youthful.
It naturally cleanses and has antibacterial properties that aid in healing which can be of great benefit if you suffer from eczema or acne prone skin. It can also be used to heal burns, wounds and even shingles.

Patchouli- There are many skin benefits with patchouli. It regenerates skin cells, which makes it useful for hastening the healing of wounds and to fade scars. Because of patchouli’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps calm skin problems like sunburn, acne, eczema and other forms of dermatitis. It regulates sebum production which helps treat acne and dandruff. Its anti-fungal properties make it useful in combating athlete’s foot, jock itch and fungal problems of the skin such as Candida.

Eucalyptus essential oil- its has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, and other medicinal properties. Eucalyptus essential oil is a good antiseptic owing to its germicidal properties. On its exposure to air, ozone is formed which is a well-known antiseptic. Hence eucalyptus oil is used for healing wounds, ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions and sores. It is also effective on insect bites and stings.

Bees wax- to thicken the lotion, help provide a protective layer on the skin that still lets the skin "breath", it is also known to have mild antibacterial properties. 

Grapeseed oil & Jojoba oil- Both are great carrier oils for all skin types offering wonderful moisturizing while absorbing quickly leaving very little to no oily residue on the skin

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