Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spacefems Big Etsy Contest

Spacefems Big Etsy Contest

Describe the contest in 3 sentences. is a daily contest for etsy items. I wrote a script that automatically pulls 500 items a day, usually based on price category, and puts them up two at a time for voters to pick the best one. Thousands of votes come in every day and any shop can sign up for free. For example on the first of the month, we vote on $1 items (between $1-$1.99). On the 2nd, the items are between $2-$2.99. On the 17th, they're between $17-$17.99. You get the picture.

What inspired you to start this?
I love buying stuff on etsy but don't have much money, so literally whenever I sell something I'm like "oh YAY there's $5 (or whatever) in my paypal account, what can I get?" So I wanted to have a contest for what the best $5 item really was! I've been buying stuff on etsy since 2008, way longer than I've been selling, and I'm just obsessed. So many of my favorite things around my home are from handmade artists all over the country, and they make me so happy.
Screen Shot from Big Etsy Contest

How long has the daily etsy contest been running?
I started it in February 2012, just having my forum members help out with testing, and it's grown slowly from there. Now we have our own team on etsy and have sprinkled in a number of new contest themes so it's not always just by price, like we call Tuesdays Hue Tuesday and vote on items tagged "red" or "purple" or some other color, it makes it fun!

What do you do when you're not making websites?
Sewing, mostly! And I'm an electrical engineer by day, who likes to fly airplanes, walk my dog, play with my two year old. I opened my etsy shop about a year ago, after I bought a house and had a craft room all to myself (oh the JOY!) and just started making WAYYY too much stuff for my family and friends to keep pretending to enjoy. I'm obsessed with making little zipper bags, there are only so many that the average person needs, you know?

What is your favorite contest theme so far?
Definitely the Welcome Wednesday theme we started this month, it's for all NEW etsy shops. So we end up with people who've been selling on etsy for like, a week, and have no sales, and they get showered with love and attention. It makes me so happy!
Screen Shot from Big Etsy Contest

What have you learned?
Mostly I've learned that in the under $7 range, people LOVE to vote for soap. It's not like we can smell through the screens so I was surprised at first, but there are so many gorgeous ones! One month we found space soap, I had no idea there was such a thing, it's one of my favorites:

Also since it's spring we had all these garden items featured, and a few little doors won. Little doors! Again, never would have crossed my mind but they're so enchanting!

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