Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review- Kraft Witch Silk Screen Scarf & Brooch Set

I fell in love with this scarf the moment I visited Jennifer's shop Kraft Witch. I wondered "into" her Etsy shop after seeing her Beltane Eve Lovers necklace posted in one of Etsy's teams that we are both members in. I had to see more of her jewelry because I found it truly unique and ever intriguing like those last rays of sunlight before the dark that leave me wanting to see more. Finding the set with both the scarf and pin, that had the same image as the necklace that caught my attention and drew me, was a wonderful find. The scarf is made of black jersey knit and is beautifully silk screened by hand with silver stars. It wraps around effortlessly and has a great lightness about that welcomes you into it. The ends are made into a hand knotted fringe that looks great.... plus I just really like fringe! The pin has a lovely decoupaged image of lovers and is hand mold clay. The set goes perfect with each other and are great on there own.

Jennifer the shops owner is a pleasure to work with and I love her handmade jewelry and silk screened products. My order was shipped quickly and was packaged beautifully and smelled lightly of lavender. I knew the second I picked it pick from the post office there was special inside! I highly recommend shopping at Kraft Witch!

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