Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Madness

Today has been a whirl wind of busy chaos... but yet some how I managed to get very little accomplished. I am in the process of putting together a bead order. For any of your bead addicts out there... you yeah you! You know how hard it can bead to say yes to some but needing to say no to so many other wonderful beads and beading supplies out there. This will be my big getting ready for Christmas bead order... yikes! I am talking about Christmas in August. But all you  entrepreneur out there you know it is never to early to start planning for the next big selling event. But that does not mean I will be selling ornaments in my shop in a few weeks. It is just time to start planning and making enough inventory for my online shops and for my last craft show this year in Nov. SO I need to look through project get inspired list materials to add to my bead order. I find it so hard to to feel inspired by Christmas this time of year. But the practical business person in me tells the creative you must do this! and my creative side appeases my practical side. So yes the simple task of choosing beads becomes an internal struggle, lol.

I also had to make a decisions about some negative feedback I  got a while back. I strive for 100% satisfaction. Normally I am commended for my customer service. I try to take the extra step so that shopping with while most done online still feels personal. After all I make and decorate each thing with my own hands and passion. So when I got negative feedback a while back I waited for the customer to come to me and tell me. But time went by with just the permanent scar of my shop record. Now I will forever have 99% positive feed back it does not matter if I sell to 1000 more customer that all leave positive feedback.... that scar is there a reminder of my unhappy customer.So today I mailed out a replacement (hopefully to there liking) without ever having them confront me of there negative experience.  The scar on my shop is annoying, but knowing that somewhere out there a customer from my shop was really unhappy with a purchase from my shop bothered me more. SO I hope, even if I do not hear from them, that they like the replacement.

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