Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Feature- Runaway Isle

My shop name is Runaway Isle
My twitter handle is @RunawayIsle

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Describe yourself in 3 sentences.

I am probably the busiest person I know.  I'm a single mother to two wonderful boys, hold down a full time career and am attempting to raise enough money with my soap crafting to send both boys to college.  I love making cruelty free and vegan bath products because I am an animal lover and advocate.

How did you name your business?
Runaway Isle is an anagram for my name, Laura Swiney.  It was perfect, because I love the beach and the ocean, and a nautical theme fit so well!

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?
I started soap crafting because I always loved receiving gifts that people made rather than bought.  I started making soap gifts for my coworkers for the holidays and their birthdays, and found that I had a real talent for it.
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What inspires and influences your work?
My boys definitely influence my creative process.  When I make a new item, I look to see if they will like using it.  They can both be brutally honest!!  If I find them grabbing a lot of an item in my stock, I know it will be liked and possibly sell well.  I'm definitely inspired by the summer, the shore and food.  I adore coming up with items that smell good enough to either eat or slather all over your body.

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?
Right now, I'm strictly an Etsy crafter.  I'm looking to venture out into the Craft Fair market, and I've been asked to start a catalog so maybe mail order soon!

What do you do when your not creating?
I work work work!!  With two kids, two cats, a dog and a house to manage, I have very little downtime.  I used to be a hardcore gamer to help unwind after a long day, but I found that it added to my stress.  Soap crafting and making bath items really helps me calm down and focus any negative energy into something positive.  When I can sneak a few minutes, I like to medi-vegi-tate, simultaneously meditating while vegging out in front of the television!

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
I really love my acne clearing sets.   
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Why did you create this piece(s)?
I suffered from very bad acne as a teenager, which carried on a bit milder into my adulthood.  I made the set for my son, and saw how well it cleared up his skin.  I started using it myself and abracadabra, the hormonal cysts I suffered with became non-existent!! 

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?
I make each item with the intent that it will be absolutely LOVED by whomever uses it. I try out every product I make to ensure its quality and safety.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?
I would love to learn how to sew and make clothes.  I'm definitely a "girly-girl", so now that I feel confident in my body products, I'd love to express my creativity to include what I cover my body with!

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