Friday, June 1, 2012

Time Travelers Team EXTRAVAGANZA SALE!!!

EXTRAVAGANZA SALE!!!  From members of The Time Travelers Team on Etsy
shop any seller IN The List Below using the code EXTRAVAGANZA and get SURPRISE SAVINGS!!!

There is so many handmade treasures to find! I would love to know what you find, so stop back after you shop and feel free to share your new pretties! My shop is #28 in the list below.

From Moonspell Crafts

1. Moonspell
2. AgentofChaos
3. DemBones
4. Scarletrabbit
5. ZojjaUniquelyYou
6. GothAndGeekery
7. Lizzesbeautifulart
8. RomanticaNocturnis
9. Dovanna
10. RavensCrafts
11. StephaniePayan
12. TheWhisperingWorld
Bat Magnets From

13. Boitifole
14. Caitlinjohns
17 BeaPearson0626
18. FyreShadow
19. balmyatticarts
20. MadScientistsDesigns
21. JupitersHaven
22. TimelessAvenue
24. Creaturosity
25. Jansbeads
From Chris Os Creations

26. DarkBeautyBoutique
27. Biagreen
28. kindredimages
29. heartofautumn
30. prettyandshiny
31. deepmidnightperfumes


Alura said...

SWEEEET!!!! Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'll have to check these out

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