Saturday, June 16, 2012

From My Favorites- The Masks We Wear

From Equine Annihilation  

 The Tinkerer Patchwork Masquerade Mask

The Tinkerer Patchwork Masquerade Mask

More than just another steampunky mask, this wonderful vintage cloth wrapped mask is like none other with a post apocalyptic air. Its earned a nick name here at Equine Annihilation as the "Hanibal Lecter" Mask, rustic, blunt, but yet meticulous and precise. Accented with a cluster of found charms and objects, which can be clipped on or off the mask, depending on your tastes. 
Works well for both masculine outfits, or a rustic touch to a feminine one.

One size fits most

Snowy Owl Leather Mask

This mask is made of 2 layers of 6-7 oz veg-tanned leather which has been hand-molded, carved, and painted to create a detailed Snowy Owl. 

The leather surface has been colored with a combination of dye and acrylic paint, and sealed with a flexible acrylic finish. Includes black cord ties, but if you would prefer elastic instead, please indicate that at time of purchase and it can be substituted. Very durable, light, and comfortable to wear!

Masquerade Cookies // 6 // Mask Masquerade Carnival Party Favors // New Orleans Venice Brazil

Whether you are celebrating in the New Orleans, Venice, or Brazilian fashion, these flamboyant and fabulously colored and textured face mask cookies will really get you into the Mardi Gras or Carnival masquerade spirit!
Raven leather mask in black

You’re sure to be noticed when you wear this beauty. Standing over 12" high, this dramatically posed bird gives a sense of majesty to the wearer. All of the symbolism connected to Ravens can be felt in this mask. 

I first cut it out of lightweight vegetable tanned leather, then hand shaped it while wet to fit a face. Once dry I painted it black and sealed it with an acrylic finish.

Because of all the cut outs it weighs just 1½ ounces, which means it will be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Comes with an adjustable double strand of elastic.

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