Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday's Madness

It has been a week of rain up here in Maine. Flood warning every where.... it was wet, wet, wet! But today looks great.

I will be in my first crafts shows over this summer one in July and one in August. I am very excited but very nervous too! They are small shows that are part of the Brunswick Art Walk and are just about in my back yard! They had one on Friday last week but it was a wash, literally! They started setting up at 3 in the afternoon I watched as they set up since I can see the location from my computer desk. It was overcast and growing dark. By the time everyone was set up at 5 it was starting to rain, shortly after it was thundering and lightning out. No customers in sight Every one packed up their booths and was gone by 7 even though the event was from 5-9. Last year they had a good crowd.... so I am hoping the next ones will be in good weather so the people will be out and about. I would be devastated if my first show was a flop!

I am nearly finished with the girls homeschool portfolios and will be focusing on getting enough product together for the shows this summer!

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Grace Note Gifts said...

That's cool about your upcoming craft shows....I hope they go well!

Blessings, Grace

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