Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Feature- Rosie's Cozy Critters

Describe yourself in 3 sentences.
I'm Rosie, I'm a stay-at-home mom to four little bundles of energy!  I spend most of my time with my kids and husband, but I make a little time each day to devote to crafting, which is my passion.  I love creating things, especially things that will be useful!

How did you name your business?
Well, I always call my pets little critters, and the things I make for them are cozy!  Cozy Critters was the first thing that popped into my head when I thought about selling!

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?
I've been sewing and working with wax since a very young age, probably about 20 years or so now.  My mom taught me how to sew as a young girl, and my obsession with candles began as a teenager.  At that time, I was making candles and soap, but found that candle making was more fun for me!

What inspires and influences your work?
Nature.  Most animals love to burrow, which is why cuddle bags are great for all kinds of animals.  I love to take my favorite scents from nature and recreate them for other people in my wax products.  There's magic in finding just the right mixture of oils to produce the best scent possible.  I also love to cook, so a lot of my scents reflect that, as well.
Cozy Critters Tasty Dog Treats

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?
Cozy Critters has a facebook page at  I also have an etsy shop,, and a website,

What do you do when your not creating?
Taking care of my home and 4 children is my top priority.  I love helping them to bring out their creative energy and use it in a positive way!

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
I love the rainbow candles I've created!
Bouquet Melt Sampler Pack

Why did you create this piece(s)?
My daughter is obsessed with rainbows right now, so it just seemed natural to make rainbow candles for her!

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?
I believe that when someone loves what they do, it shows in what they create.  Each one of my items is unique, and I take the time to make sure they reflect how much I love to create.

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?
I dabbled in jewelry making when I was a teen, and would like to get into it again.  I really like how you can make totally unique items that stand out with jewelry.

Dog/Cat bed
Again here are the links to find Rosie's Cozy Critters online

Rosie's Cozy Critters on Etsy
Rosie's Cozy Critters Website

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