Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's madness

Not much really going on this week. I am focusing on creating enough product for the craft shows over the summer. Also I need to start making a few batches of soap so a week. I always make small batches of 9-12 bars of soap at a time.

I am brain storming ideas for products for men. Men seem to be a bit left out sometimes in the crafty world. The handmade product on my shop are targeted towards female shoppers.

I am also in the middle of inventory for all my jewelry that I have on hand ready to sell. Nearly half done and around 250 pieces so far.

Here is my latest batch of soap freshly poured cold process. Scented with essential oils of cedar wood, juniper and lemon eucalyptus. Plus vitamin E & shea butter for extra moisturizing. Out has a nice masculine scent.

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