Friday, February 11, 2011

Altered Art

To me it means taking something not normally used for visual arts and transforming into some form of personal self expression. It is in no way I knew idea, but it was only 5 or 6 years ago that I stumbled across my first piece of altered art. It was a altered book that a fellow scrap booker had made. It was simple a child’s board book turned into a scrape book for her daughters 2nd birthday. It created an explosion of ideas in my mind and barely any of them scrap booking. I am not one for destroying a written work of art, having a great love for words and writings, but I could already see my emotions visually splattered out in the form of an altered book. So off I went to find a book that would suit my purpose. Checking second hand stores and I found a few.
I made pages and mini books dedicated to poems that deeply move me and stir my soul, I made some that simply were filled with raw emotions I felt at the time. When I altered books and pages it is purely for me, I never intend to sell them and rarely show them to anyone… until now. These are a few years old now but here are a few examples.
 These three are pages from my first altered book I did it has Emily Bronte's poem Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee There are more pages in this book. Have more I will post some other time that are more personal...... about my daily stresses and things like that.

I always see things I want to alter but time is so fleeting… isn’t it? Making Steampunk jewelry pieces helps me with this desire. To me it is the current altered art form I can relate to. Victorian style mixed with fantasy, science fiction and mechanical. Here is my most recent Steampunk piece.
The Time Keepers Amulet

Steampunked and Altered-A few of my favorites by other artisans
ReClain2Fame Is a great shop that sells sculptures using recycled materials(upcycling another love of mine), Altering junk into ART you just got to love it! Unkamen Gifts Is a wonderful shop selling a wide variety of jewelry items I love this Steampunk piece!

Chipper A Robot Dog
Altered Art Steampunk Necklace

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Blooming Vine Design said...

Excellent article on altered art books. Your work is very cool and its great to have it explained. It is kind of like the fine art side of scrapbooking..with maybe a bit of steampunk thrown in. I love the book cover and the pages are really unique.

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