Friday, February 18, 2011


This picture is the boss Mira sleeping on the job !!!!!
This is my first full feature to help promote other artist and artisans. I am so happy to be featuring this very talented artisan and her shop! I hope you enjoy. If you are interested in being featured in the future please click the button at the top of the page.

Interview with Zoomgraphics
How long have you been doing your art/craft for?
Well,I started painting in 8 grade .After ,I took classes here and there and continue....

What inspires and influences your work?
Color,my trips ,my mood for the day...

Where can you artwork/pieces be found?
In my sister little shop ,Etsy (not much anymore),Artfire.

What do you do when your not creating?
I do illustrations on my computer for my cards, take pictures (never go out without my camera )and if I have time I paint...I got teddy bears on the side waiting to be finish....not enought time in the day....

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
I think is the one I am doing right now,found a way to play with wire and it turn out not to bad.

Why did you create this piece(s)?
I bought a book about wire and I try to learn a new thing and my imagination went wild !!!!

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?
It is me,my imagination,my love for creating nice things....

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?
I don't know if I want to learn something new...maybe just take what I know a few levels higher. But, I bought a CD to learn Chinese maybe it will be a new art for me.....
Here are links to find Zoomgraphic online

Here are a few item available in Zoomgraphics Artfire shop

Autumn Semi Precious bracelet
Flowers and Beads Bracelet

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