Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dragon's Blood and other things

Dark Rays of Time
My favorite type of jasper is Dragons Blood Stone. I love the colors and maze like pattern. The first time I saw these beads I fall in love(I often fall in love with new beads, lol) I just had to buy them and now I have made them into these simple but lovely earrings. I will be buying more Dragon's blood Jasper , oh yes I will be!
Dragon's Blood Earrings
I have been in a mood for simplicity lately and with my passion for steampunk still in place I made this necklace the other day using a watch piece, black filigree and black chain. It reminds me of a mechanical sun, the way the filigree points out around it. I am very happy with the way these two simple pieces came out. 
Todays co-conspirator(other jewelry artisan I like and follow) 
I would like to introduce a favorite shop of mine Dorkorama Jewelry. Beautiful and skillfully wire wrapped jewelry ( a so have wrap envy). There is not a piece in his shop I do not like. He always has beautiful picked out gemstones and I love the oxidized sterling silver he uses in many of his creations.
Rare moss Amethyst Oxidized silver

Tourmalinated Quartz Garnet  Carved Moonstone


Dorkorama said...

Aww thanks! I am a fan of your work as well, we are a little mutual admiration society! Good luck in the snow!

Pink Rhododendron said...

Now you've got me looking for Dragon's Blood jasper. Soooo pretty! My daughter is totally into dragons. Can't wait to make something for her with this stone.

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