Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adventures in sewing.

I had gotten a really nice heavy duty sewing machine for Christmas this year from the love of my life. My old one had broken in November while helping my oldest daughter(she is 8) work on a quilted tote bag. I have always gone through phases of sewing, I made simple bags and pouches, simple quilts but mostly it has been used as a utility for other crafts and repair. But with the new machine a new desire to make things beyond the simple  has emerged. As with any craft or art I do believe in starting small so I picked out a simple project with one of the simplest patterns I could find. I have never used a pattern in my life so this was all new. I picked a apron pattern with a child and adult size in the package. I picked up some beginner books on sewing(I really like the Singer series of book) which really did help when it came to understanding how to use the pattern correctly. The next thing you know I had made two aprons woohoo! Now I have cut out a new pattern for a purse, but it is a lot trickier, lol.  We will see how it comes out when I find the time to cut the material and start sewing it up. It is always fun to make new things and learn new skills. My beginning efforts in Sewing gives me a greater respect and love for a truly well made, hand made, bags, clothing and other sewn items.

Black Bird Sitting on Birch Branch by thiemke-greene designs 
Fantastic Fibers, Fabrics and Threads(some of my favorite finds using these materials)
Here are a few beautifully made items from shops that are in the Etsy Maine team The cape from Blue Moonlighting is gorgeous and is in my taste! The Black Bird bag is fun and unique! Need some color for your wall? Try a colorful and bold wall hanging from laurenostis.
Victorian Black Brocade Cape By Blue Moonlighting 
Purple Bold SliceWallhanging by laurenostis

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