Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Maddness!!! 2/20/12

Mondays are always crazy for me. There is always so much to catch up on that I put off over the weekend. Extra cleaning, homeschool, half finished project and way to many errands to run all this consumes my day! But there is always time for creativity and inspirations can comes to us at the most chaotic of times! So I am  dedicating Mondays to the chaos and madness of life and creativity. Post what ever comes to mind and what ever happened over the past week/weekend that does not fit quite any where.

I read this wonderful quote in the book The Handmade Market place by Kari Chapin. The quote was from artist Mati Rose Mcdonough. "I don't think people have to choose only one area of focus, I believe all of the arts and crafts overlap and feed into each other and fuel new ideas.There are no boundaries where creativity is concerned." This rings true to me in so many ways. It is the reason I jump from craft to craft, to art to art and inter weave them together. It is the reason I find joy in my person works of art, my collages and altered art. The things I share and the things I keep secret. I try to mix up combined and reach for new things. But at the same time it becomes over whelming! There is always a new technics, crafts or medium I want to learn or try. I am sure many of you are like this, too. It is reward and fun to learn and (hopefully) master new artistic and crafting skills. And what is better then combining these skills to make something new or unexpected!

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Falling Vampire Tears Earrings
Crows in Chrome Trinket Box

Red and Copper Whispers Princess Chainmaille Choker Necklace

I have been busy working on chainmaille project, getting spring jewelry and other spring themed products ready. Spring gets busy for me because I sell to some local shops that are open seasonally for the tourist. So I have to have enough items made that they have a good selection to pick from by the time they start stocking there shelves before opening. It gets busy and it seems I always have multiple project going on. This is the first year that I am going to try to sell chainmaille jewelry as well, I am looking forward to seeing how the market will be for these items locally.  

I have also start making more trinket boxes. Not just decoupages but stamped as well. I figured I keep buying all these stamps and inks I should be using them for something, lol. 

Recently I was asked for samples from a fellow blogger because they wanted to try and review hand creams for her blog. I checked out her blog and really liked it, so off in the mail went a nail & cuticle salve and blissful hands hand cream sample. Here is a link to her first review on my product Chrissy-jo's All Natural Nail & cuticle Salve Review

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