Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally my first post

My first Kindred Images and Creation Blog post! I think when I get some followers I will do a give away of some kind. I am about to start a clean up of my online shops(Esty, and Artfire).  So things will be getting busy and a bit chaotic… so why start my art/business blog now? Why not, no better time like the present. So WELCOME to my blog, my world my passions.
      What’s been going on for Kindred Images and Creation? What am I/we all about? Well…. I am a self taught, and hand-me-down knowledge taught crafter and photographer. The love of my life is a talented woodworker making everything from wooden boats to bass/guitars. You can find some of his work in my shops(doll houses, custom basses and guitars), but this blog is about my happenings and my creations.
      I design jewelry in many genres, with any materials I like. I love to work with copper, pearls and unique materials that are not normally in jewelry. With is why steampunk jewelry has been my latest obsession. I have dozens of designs on paper and hundreds in my head just waiting for me to have time for them. Finding the materials that fit each design is the problem….. And it has to be just right or I just can’t do it. So here is my first steampunk pieces I will be adding to my shops.

Mondays jewelry co-conspirator (other jewelry creators that rock)
I love this shop! Their Jewelry has a natural and elemental feel that just makes me happy to see it. Wonderfully unique, I am inspired by this shops work. One of my favorite pair of earrings from this shop


Catherine said...

Wow! Your steampunk pieces ROCK!!! Look forward to seeing more!

Catherine said...

Forgot to mention that I love Gaelic Forge's jewelry, too. They have been in many of my collections so far :)

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