Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have to admit it has been a while since I have gone out with my camera. Life with 3 young active girls gives me more then enough opportunities for shooting but offers very little time to capture anything other then them. But the other morning I step out my door at 6 in the morning to walk my dog and heard a sound I love to hear, a murder of crows all cawing while doing their early morning business. Crows and ravens are my favorite birds I have taken tons of photographs of crows. The want to photograph them was strong and I did grab my camera. There just was not enough light yet. I wish they would have hung around another half hour because I know I could have gotten some great shots. It has made me realize that I do not bring my camera out with me much anymore. Not so long ago I always had it with me. I will get back in the habit of bringing it every where again. But until I have some new shots to show off I will share a few of my favorite crows
From my photography-Both these are available as prints and postcards.


From Other photographers and artisans. A crow and raven themed collection I made a while ago.

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