Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Inspiration is an odd thing, at least it is for me. I can be inspired by nature just as much as I can by a walk through a hardware store. My head is in a constant frenzy of what can I do with this and what couldn’t I do with that. I started making altered books and altered art about 5 years ago and have always been looking for new ways to add it in to my jewelry designs. I am sure that this is part of what has sparked my latest passionate explosion for hardware, industrial, steampunk and other less traditional creative jewelry pieces. With steampunk it allows me to play around with unique materials, alter materials and stay with a romantic/fantasy and Victorian style perfect for my taste. But my moods shift quickly sometimes and something new will inspire me more strongly, but steampunk, industrial and hardware will always pop back up.
What inspires you? I would love to know.

Fantastic fibers, fabrics and threads!(some of my favorite finds from artisans that work with these materials)
Now here is a wonderful shop full of items made mostly from second hand clothes. Ton of fun and beautiful repurposed and upcycled products. Hand-Me-Down Designs
Here is one of her current items that I love. I love the color and design. What a great way to keep your cell safe.
 Green Corduroy Cell Phone Case w/ wrist strap


Anonymous said...

The sky inspires me! I made a bunch of new photo jewelry last night and as I kept on picking images that I'd use for the bezels I kept on choosing the sky (or trees) for each one without realizing it! It's good to recognize what we're drawn to!

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Rain said...

Hey Kindred, I'm inspired by the hardware store too! It may not show in my shop, but I'm in love with copper. Sometime, when I get my new studio, I'll be making copper mobiles again. I'm not allowed to use my blow torch in the house anymore!

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