Monday, May 27, 2013

Soap Notes -Humidity- Why Is My Soap Sweating?

We have had nearly a week of rain here. The humidity has slowed down my soap from curing. That happens. But I noticed that my super fatted soap(super fat soap-cold process soap with extra moisturizing ingredient added after the lye. making the soap extra moisturizing) was sweating in the humidity. At first I thought something was wrong but digging into a few books I found out these batches are high quality. Why? Well cold process soap naturally has glycerin in it. Glycerin pulls moisture
from the air, that is part of the reason it is so good for our skin.

What does this means for soap? When you make a batch of super fat soap with added glycerine the soap will draw moisture from the air causing it to sweat when it is humid out. By its self it is harmless and will dry on its own when the air is drier. But what if the humidity last like it did here? If it stays moist for to long it could make the extra oils in the soap go rancid.

What to do about it? Keep your soap stored in the driest place possible. You can use hear lights or another safe hear source to dry the moisture quicker. Remember that to high of a temperature can melt your soap.

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