Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Upcycled/Recycled Plant Hanger

*Board(I used a salvaged one from my hubby's shop and he routed the edges for me)
*Empty cleaned out cans(I used the larger plain tomato sauce ones)
*Polyurethane spray
*screw driver/drill
*Picture hanger for back of board
*Tung oil or any wood oil
*Plants in pots small enough to fit in your cans
*small plastic plant trays or the plastic bottoms from soda bottles

I started by saving the cans, washing them throughly then painting them. I used acrylic craft paint and sprayed it with the polyurethane to keep it from scraping off. 

Once you know how many cans you want and decided on the type of plants and how much room you need for them. Then you will know the size of the board you need. Mine in this project is 38 inches long. I pre-drilled the board and cans for the holes to hold the cans to the front and then the two on the back for the picture hanger. Take care to make sure you drill the wholes in the cans near the top or you might not be able to screw them in place. My hubby routed the edges but any board will do. I oiled mine with tung oil, but you can use any wood oil our paint it if you prefer.

Now you have the cans and the board ready, let's assemble it. Screw the hanger on the back first or the cans will make it so you can not lay the board flat to do it after. I used a zig zag tooth like hanger but the hardware store has other kind use what ever one suits you. Them screw the cans on and your almost ready to hang it.

Place your plastic liner in the can. I used clear plastic ones that I bought at Walmart in the plant section for about .18 cents each. But the bottoms of soda bottle work well too. Add your plants, hang it and enjoy!

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