Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Light Box

This light box has improved my photos and only cost me $5+ to make and about 15min of my time
Materials and tools needed 
1.A box (I buy 14x14x14 box at staples for around $3)
I have used smaller boxes but they do not work as well. I find this size is easy to use and works well.
2.Thin white tissue paper the kind used for gifts and packages( I buy mine at the dollar store $1)
3.Wide Packing Tape (I prefer clear packing tape but duct tape is good too, This can be purchased at the dollar store as well)
4.Poster boards for your background,not shown below(white, black or any color you like. White poster boards are 2 for $1 at the dollar store)
5.A utility knife 
8.ruler or tape measure

 First make your box into a box if it is not already. Then using your utility knife cut "windows" on the top and two sides of your box like in the picture below. I like to cut the top flap from the front of the box so it does not get in the way while taking photos but I leave the other two so I can use them to block glare from other light sources if I need to.

Now measure and cut the tissue so that they will fit over each of your 3 "windows" and tape them into place. I cut extras and put them up so I can replace them quickly if I rip one. Time to cut your back drop. I cut one strip snug enough that it stays in place. If yours does not stay in place you can tape it in place. Try not to tape onto the tissue. There you go you have made a simple light box for around $5.

Time to use it! I normally have two lights one on each side but my second light needs a new bulb so just one from above for now:) I place the box side to the window on bright days and use daylight (my preferred light!) Use your camera setting to match the kind of light. Tungsten for most indoor light, or florescent  etc....

The results. No bad glare equal light and few shadows. When I use two lights, one on each side there is no real shadows. Play with the lights to get the lighting you need! Some times you might want shadow on one side.

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Kindred said...

My photos are still a bit off.. I rushed to get the post done! If they were for my listings in m y shop I would take more time.

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