Monday, August 22, 2011

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Ok, ok so it has been a while since my last post, life and a recent creative streak has kept my blogging down to a bare minimal. My latest creative endeavor has been not without many trial and errors.... and I predict many more in the future to come, lol. I have been making soap, lotions, creams, bath salts and other herbal all natural treasures. I started a while back just to create a face cream that was all natural, affordable, rejuvenating(yes I got   some not so fine lines starting to show!) that my very sensitive skin would let me use. I played around until I made one that was perfect for me and I love making it. I have been making my own herbal teas since I was a teen and I have made herbal remedies so this is just another step towards my own natural life. I truly enjoy  researching each ingredient and trying different combinations until I am happy with the results. Soap is a trickie tricker. I am making cold process soap and after trying a few recipes from other soap makers I have ventured out into the unknown to invent my own. Some batches come out perfectly as I envisioned and others well..... lets just say not so much, lol. But each success and failure allows me to learn more and gives me more ideas for whats next. Here is a few of my successes some of which are all ready posted for sale in my Etsy shop. If any of you bloggers out there are interested in writing a product review of some of my new items contact me for free samples. I also need to make a basic label design still. any ideas are appreciated. Maybe I can do a give away  or trade if someone makes a design I would like to use.... not sure yet.

bath salts, moisturizing massage lotion oil, lick-able massage oils,
Comfrey and tea tree oil soap, heart tin of Love potion solid perfume balm,
Rejuvenating green tea face cream, Comfrey and tea tree oil salve,
Lavender solid perfume balm, Lavender soap bar, sample sizes of balms and salve

Comfrey and Tea Tree oil salve

Doggie bath time soap made with essential oils
 that help repel fleas and other bugs

Small size comfrey and tea tree oil soaps
for problem area skin

Lavender Solid Perfume Balm

Love Potion Solid Perfume Balm
Essential oil blend with jasmine and sandalwood

Lavender Soap bars

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