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Artist feature -Emily Dewbre-Young of Primal Aspects

Today I am happy to feature an artist I found while browsing Artfire. I love her work and hope you nenjoy it as well.

Name: Emily Dewbre-Young
Shop Name: Primal Aspects                                                                  

How did you name your business?

     Its a bit of an odd answer to this questions. It was actually done by starting two lists of words that pertained to any number of things 
that I liked. Then I started with taking a word from each list and putting them together to see if they would flow well together. As well as if they portrayed a phrase that I liked, unusual and meaningful. In doing this I found Primal Aspects fit these best out of what came out of this process. I like most subjects and styles if I can or even can't do them but I feel I tend to see them in my way when they are a completed work. Giving them my aspects on the canvas. When it comes to Primal its not quiet that specific to the word. Animals are one of my favorite subjects, yes, and I would like to think that the everyday person would be able to enjoy my works. That they would be able to in a very basic (or primal) way now relate to one piece or like the way it was done. Not that I expect to sell them all but that I love to hear what they have to say about them. 

How long have you been doing your art/craft for?
     Honestly there is no memory for me, of ever having even doodled before I went to Junior High School. Being given the options of a
few different extracurricular class gave me the chance to try art my second year in. That carried on in to High School until graduation. So lets just say 'around' 20 years that I have been doing some kind of art work. :)

What inspires and influences your work?
      Sometimes things are easy enough to just start showing up on the canvas until they become complete. There are times however 
that I have to try to get the creative juices flowing. There are a few tricks that I have found to work sometimes for myself but there are times that it is hard to get a piece to form for me to start working. That is just the way I have learned that most creative thinkers tend to be. Its hard to work if the inspiration and influences isn't there. Most effective ways I have found for me is to set outside and take in nature. Seeing as how I like to do works of animals that usually sparks ideas for them. Anything else usually comes to me when I set and talk to friends or making myself take the time to search for new subject matter. 

Where can your artwork/pieces be found?
     My wonderful husband helps to spread my artwork online around for me. He created a website of my own at as well as we have accounts with ArtFire and Etsy for now as well as deviantArt and imagekind. We do have pages with several of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, IndiePublic, etc. For the most part, look for PrimalAspects at most places and you'll find me. :)

What do you do when your not creating?
     Well of course there is always the time with the family and friends. Aside from that my individual likes are usually reading, spiritual teachings, movies, cooking, its been too hot for me on the gardening front and unfortunately the addicting games on my phone find my 

What is your favorite piece(s) that you have created?
     That's a hard one for me to pin point. I have a few that I remember doing over my younger years that I no longer have but 
remember well. One of them was my first water color as well as my first combination of mediums. This piece 
was of a jaguar stepping through some fallen tree limbs and leaves. There has been a few more over the years but this was the first
and one that once I was done gave me the confidence that kept me continuing to do more. 

Why did you create this piece(s)?
       This work was done back in my high school days so I am afraid I don't remember what the spark was for it. 

What do you feel is special about your art/craft?
     I don't know that I would consider my art special with so many of my friends being creative thinkers I have seen some wonderful 
creations. However, I do think that it makes them special when someone finds they like my work enough
to buy it. Its not until then when they have a connection with something I have done that it is finally complete for me. 

Are there other forms of art and crafts you would like to learn? And why?
     The top three would have to be pottery wheel, photography and most of all traditional glass blowing. They seem to have the ability 
to draw me into immediate ideas only with knowing that I am not sure they will work until I try them and find out. 

Here are links where you can find Primal Aspects 

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Thank you for recommending. I have started following her blog. :)

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