Thursday, June 2, 2011

What I have been up to

 Not much new going on lately. I have been making some basic beaded strung bracelets and necklaces. I will be finishing up my first jewelry box done completely by hand. My love design, cut and assembled these beautiful wood boxes specially so I could display my photography on them. I cover the top with a clear epoxy and
 the image is there forever. I just need to finish sanding, then hand rubbed oil finish then add a felt lining in side the box and on the bottom. A lot more work then buying the small pre-made boxes and decoupaging my photography on the top. But I do like decoupage:) So hopefully soon I will have some photos of finished product for you. For now here is a few collections from Artfire, The first is one I put together from members of the Bloggers Unite Guild and the second is one I was featured in done by another Artfire member.

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Surreal DesignZ Boutique said...

These are great collections. Thanks for the feature. Craft on!

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